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Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Programme

From October 2014 entry, MPhil students in Cambridge will have the opportunity to follow an innovative interdisciplinary programme in language sciences. This allows students to apply to one of a number of existing MPhil courses but to undertake research jointly supervised by language science specialists from participating departments and to take taught options from other programmes. There will also be a range of seminars and other events which will give participants the opportunity to interact with students and staff from across the University.

The Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Programme (LSIP) currently includes the following courses:

Links to the relevant webpages in all participating departments will be added as these become available.


All students who are interested in Masters level study of language sciences are encouraged to apply to one of the MPhil programmes listed above (the choice will depend on the student's main interests and prior background) and to contact the LSIP coordinator for that programme. Ideally, this should be done when the application is submitted, but anyone accepted on one of the participating MPhil programmes is eligible to be part of the LSIP. If you are unsure which MPhil to apply for, or have any other questions about the application process, you are welcome to contact one or more of the coordinators for guidance.

LSIP research projects

Details of possible LSIP research projects will appear here soon.

LSIP sharable options

LSIP sharable options are taught courses offered as part of one of the LSIP MPhil programmes which may also be followed by students registered with a different LSIP MPhil (subject to any prerequisites for background knowledge and to any limitations on student numbers). The following links give details of the options that can be taken by LSIP students from any department (with the agreement of the relevant LSIP coordinator):

Assessment is the responsibility of the student's department. Once you decide you are interested in taking an option offered by another department, you should contact your own department's LSIP coordinator as soon as possible (this may be during the application process). The coordinator will discuss your choices with you.

LSIP events

Students following the LSIP are encouraged to attend LSIP events which are designed to bring together people from different departments. Details of LSIP events for 2014-15 will appear here soon.

Continuing to a PhD

We expect that many LSIP students will wish to continue to a PhD, normally (but not necessarily) in the same department that they were in for their Masters. LSIP students may have PhD supervisors from two departments: such an arrangement might naturally follow from a jointly supervised Masters research project.