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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Dr Chih-Chun Chen

Statistical modelling of language and language processing, in particular for second language learners

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Olivia Goodman

Corpus linguistics, functional language, learner English, application of research to inform ELT materials development

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Mandy Hill

Director of Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press

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Dr Andrew Winnard

Publisher: Language, Linguistics, Anthropology

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Brian Stone

Editor, Humanities and Social Sciences journals

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Ben Knight

Application of linguistic research to design of learning materials;
ELT pedagogical research;
corpus linguistics

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Dr Roxana Herescu

The role of thinking skills in language learning; cognitive and linguistic development in bilingual education

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Dr Claire Dembry

Corpus-building and development in relation to English Language Teaching; corpus-informed pedagogy

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What we do

Cambridge Language Sciences is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. Our virtual network connects researchers from five schools across the university as well as other world-leading research institutions. Our aim is to strengthen research collaborations and knowledge transfer across disciplines in order to address large-scale multi-disciplinary research challenges relating to language research.