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Dr. Barry Devereux

Dr. Barry Devereux

Senior Research Associate, Centre for Speech Language and the Brain


Computational neurolinguistics

Neural basis of meaning representation

Local ambiguity in sentence processing

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 766454

Departments and Institutes

Department of Psychology:

Research Interests

In 2007 I completed my Ph.D. at University College Dublin, which was on the topic of conceptual combination and the interpretation of noun-noun compounds. My research interests also include related issues in cognitive Psychology and computational linguistics, such as semantic representation and semantic similarity. At the CSLB, I am working on projects examining lexical processing and semantic representation, and in particular investigating differences in the structure of conceptual knowledge across domains (e.g. living things and artifacts) and the semantic representation of nouns and verbs.


  • Cognition
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Computational linguistics
  • Neurolinguistics