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Directory Members: G

Title Description
Person packed font file Dr Adrià de Gispert Statistical machine translation
Person packed font file Professor Mark Gales Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition; robust speaker recognition; speaker adaptation; machine learning; speaker identification and verification
Person C source code Dr Milica Gasic Statistical modelling of human computer dialogue; spoken language understanding and generation; human language technologies; natural language processing
Person packed font file Professor Susan Gathercole, FBA Cognitive processes relating to language; developmental disorders; reading difficulties in children
Person C header Dr Ardeshir Geranpayeh Psychometrics; automated assessment of writing and speaking; cheating detection; Learning Oriented Assessment; Big Data
Person Daniela Gerz Computational linguistics; Artificial Intelligence; machine learning; representation learning; multilingual and cross-lingual approaches
Person Dr Mahbod Ghaffari Persian language, literature and culture; Iranian studies; Middle Eastern studies; linguistics
Person Aretousa Giannakou Linguistics; heritage speakers; syntax; morphosyntactic change
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Jenny Gibson Social impact and cognitive underpinnings of specific language impairments; pragmatic language impairments and autism; development of non-literal language com...
Person packed font file Dr Mina Gorji The relationship between literary and spoken language
Person packed font file Professor Usha Goswami, FBA Dyslexia; reading and spelling development; cognitive development; neuroscience in education; reasoning by analogy
Person packed font file Hilary J. Goy Latin; Classical Greek
Person packed font file Dr Calbert Graham Phonetics; language acquisition; psycholinguistics; dialectology; prosody; Japanese and Romance linguistics
Person AR archive Milan Gritta Computational Linguistics; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence
Person Kim Groothuis Comparative syntax; diachronic syntax; Italian dialectology; Romance philology; historical linguistics
Person Shixiang Gu Machine learning; signal processing; deep learning