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Directory Members: G

Title Description
Person packed font file Dr Adrià de Gispert Statistical machine translation
Person packed font file Professor Mark Gales Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition; robust speaker recognition; speaker adaptation; machine learning; speaker identification and verification
Person C source code Dr Milica Gasic Statistical modelling of human computer dialogue; spoken language understanding and generation; human language technologies; natural language processing
Person packed font file Professor Susan Gathercole, FBA Cognitive processes relating to language; developmental disorders; reading difficulties in children
Person C header Dr Ardeshir Geranpayeh Psychometrics; automated assessment of writing and speaking; cheating detection; Learning Oriented Assessment; Big Data
Person Daniela Gerz Computational linguistics; Artificial Intelligence; machine learning; representation learning; multilingual and cross-lingual approaches
Person Dr Mahbod Ghaffari Persian language, literature and culture; Iranian studies; Middle Eastern studies; linguistics
Person Aretousa Giannakou Linguistics; heritage speakers; syntax; morphosyntactic change
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Jenny Gibson Social impact and cognitive underpinnings of specific language impairments; pragmatic language impairments and autism; development of non-literal language com...
Person Troff document (with manpage macros) Jonathan R. Goodman Evolutionary ecology of language change; evolution of exploitative behaviors; evolutionary explanations of the development of accents; cultural evolution
Person Troff document (with manpage macros) Olivia Goodman Corpus linguistics, functional language, learner English, application of research to inform ELT materials development
Person packed font file Dr Mina Gorji The relationship between literary and spoken language
Person packed font file Professor Usha Goswami, FBA Dyslexia; reading and spelling development; cognitive development; neuroscience in education; reasoning by analogy
Person packed font file Hilary J. Goy Latin; Classical Greek
Person packed font file Dr Calbert Graham Phonetics; language acquisition; psycholinguistics; dialectology; prosody; Japanese and Romance linguistics
Person AR archive Milan Gritta Computational Linguistics; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence
Person Kim Groothuis Comparative syntax; diachronic syntax; Italian dialectology; Romance philology; historical linguistics
Person Shixiang Gu Machine learning; signal processing; deep learning