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Title Description
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Hratch Papazian Ancient Egyptian language; social and economic history of ancient Egypt; palaeography and epigraphy
Person packed font file Dr Teresa Parodi Monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition; second language acquisition by children and adults; multilingualism; second language acquisition and la...
Person Carla A. Pastorino Campos Psycholinguistics; second/additional language acquisition; lexical acquisition and processing; multilingualism
Person packed font file Dr Karalyn Patterson, FBA Neuropsychology of language and memory; semantics; phonology; focal dementia syndromes; cross-language studies of English and Japanese
Person Dr Simon Pickl German language history; language variation and change; historical sociolinguistics; dialectology and geolinguistics; written language
Person packed font file Professor Catherine Pickstock The application of linguistics to theories of religious language
Person Nandhaka Pieris, MCollT MCCT EAL; language testing and assessment; multilingualism; second language education; teacher assessment literacy; teacher cognition; teacher education
Person ODT template Dr Charles M. Pigott Mayan; Quechua; Ecolinguistics; Literature (oral and written); Endangered languages; Multilingualism; Language change and diversity
Person Dr Mohammad Taher Pilehvar Semantic representation (of word senses); lexical semantics; semantic similarity; Word Sense Disambiguation; semantics
Person packed font file Dr Kate Plaisted-Grant Auditory perception; speech-in-noise perception; linguistic processing
Person Dr Tamara Polajnar Compositional distributional semantics; Kernel methods
Person Edoardo Maria Ponti Typological linguistics for polyglot NLP
Person packed font file Dr Brechtje Post Phonology; phonetics; language psychology; neurolinguistics
Person Afra Pujol i Campeny Historical linguistics; syntax; language change; language acquisition
Person ATK inset Dr Ana I. Pérez Language comprehension; bilingualism and second language learners; developmental cognitive processes; individual differences in comprehension
Person Dr Pascual Pérez-Paredes Learner language; variation and multidimensional analysis of (specialized) language(s); CALL; corpora in applied linguistics; ICTs in language education