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Dr. Binghan Zheng

Dr. Binghan Zheng

By-Fellow, Churchill College

Translation and interpreting studies

Neuroscience and translation

Chinese linguistics and cognitive linguistics

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language

Contrastive studies of Chinese and English

Office Phone: 01223336215

Research Interests

My research focuses on empirical studies on the process of translation and interpretation, by using the triangulated data collection methods such as think-aloud protocols, key-logging and eye-tracking at the current stage, and aiming to use the state-of-art technologies in cognition and speech precessing research, i.e. EEG/ERP and fMRI.  I am the author of Choice-making in the process of English-to-Chinese translation: An empirical study, and has published journal papers in Babel, Perspectives, Translation & Interpreting Studies, and Foreign Language Teaching & Research, etc.


  • Chinese
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Neurolinguistics
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Translation


Key Publications

Zheng, Binghan & Xia Xiang. 2014. “The role of cultural background knowledge in the processing of metaphorical expressions: An empirical study of English-Chinese sight translation”, Translation and Interpreting Studies:9(1): 5-24.

Zheng, Binghan. 2014. “The role of consultation sources revisited: An empirical study on English-Chinese translation”, Perspectives: Studies in Translatology: 22(1): 113-135.

Zheng, Binghan & Xia Xiang. 2013. “Processing metaphorical expressions in Sight Translation: An empirical-experimental research”, Babel:59 (2): 160-183.

Zheng, Binghan. 2012. Choice-making in the Process of English-to-Chinese Translation: An Empirical Study. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press.

Zheng, Binghan & Wai Mun Tham. 2007. “An empirical study of translation units in English-Chinese translating”. Foreign Language Teaching and Research外语教学与研究(2): 145-154.