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Dr Marios Mavrogiorgos

Morpho-syntax; clitics and related phenomena in Greek and Romance languages; Aromanian; dialectology
Dr Marios Mavrogiorgos

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Post Doctoral Research Fellow


Clitics and related phenomena in Greek and Romance languages




Endangered Languages

Research Interests

My key research interests are related to the description and analysis of morpho-syntactic phenomena, principally in Greek and Romance languages. These involve, among others, clitic pronouns and clitic positioning (including,  the typology of clitic positioning), resumption, argument structure, oblique and lexical case, default case, default case in Down Syndrome, and locative prefixes. Currently, I am employed as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, running a Marie Skłodowska-Curie project under the supervision of Prof. Adam Ledgeway. The aim of the project is to document and study various structures containing reflexive (SE) clitics in Aromanian, an oral and endangered Eastern Romance variety spoken throughout the Balkans. Documentation will be based on extensive fieldwork in Epirus, North-Western Greece. The collected data will allow us to study the morpho-syntactic properties of SE-structures across closely related varieties (micro-variation) and compare them to those reported for other Romance languages (including Romanian).  Moreover, they will give us the chance to test whether any similarities and/or differences from other Romance languages could be attributed to language contact with Greek on one or more levels of grammatical description (morphology, syntax, semantics). This, in turn, will elucidate the nature of Grammar and how various components interact to give rise to a highly complex phenomenon.   


  • Dialectology
  • Endangered languages
  • Syntax
  • Greek
  • Morphology
  • Sociolinguistics