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Dr Ronan Cummins

Automated assessment of English text; information retrieval; Natural Language Processing; data mining
Dr Ronan Cummins

Senior Research Associate, ALTA Institute/Computer Lab

Automated assessment of English text

Information Retrieval

Natural Language Processing

Data Mining

Research Interests

I am currently a senior research associate at the NLIP group at the Computer Lab in Cambridge. I work in the ALTA institute on aspects of automated assessment of English text using different types of learning approaches. My broad research interests are in Information Retrieval (IR), Natural Language Processing, Databases, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence. I am still very much interested in theoretical aspects of information retrieval including aspects of ranking, score distributions, query performance prediction, and evaluation. 


  • Text mining
  • Language testing and assessment
  • Language teaching
  • Natural Language Processing

Key Publications

A list of publications can be viewed here.