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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Areas of Interest: 
History and structure of Greek (ancient, medieval and modern)
History and structure of Latin (to the early middle ages)
Syntax, semantics and morphology
Language change


I am interested mainly in theories of language structure and language change in their application to the Greek language in all its varieties from the earliest attestations in the second millennium BC to the present day. I have a secondary interest in the development of Latin, both in its Italian context (e.g. contacts with Sabellian languages and Etruscan) and in its relationships with other languages as it spread within the Roman empire (including contact with Greek).


Key publications: 

Horrocks, GC (1981). Space and Time in Homer. New York, Arno Press.

Horrocks, GC (1987). Generative Grammar. London and New York, Longman/Pearson.

Alexiadou, A , Horrocks, GC and M Stavrou (eds), (1999). Studies in Greek Syntax. Dordrecht, Kluwer.

Clackson, J and Horrocks, GC (2007). The Blackwell History of the Latin Language. Oxford, Blackwell.

Horrocks, GC (2010). Greek: a History of the Language and its Speakers (2nd edition), Malden Mass. and Chichester, Blackwell. [1st edn (1997). London and New York, Longman/Pearson.]

Professor of Comparative Philology
Departments and institutes: 
Professor Geoff  Horrocks


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