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Dr Sue Brindley

Secondary English; teaching and learning through digital technologies
Dr Sue Brindley

University Senior Lecturer in Education

Secondary English

Teaching and learning through digital technologies

Office Phone: (+44) (0)1223 767642

Departments and Institutes

Faculty of Education:

Research Interests

ICT and the impact on teaching and learning, Secondary English teaching across the curriculum, Teachers and Research Constructions of Professional Knowledge, Dialogic Teaching and Learning


  • Language policy and planning
  • Education
  • English

Key Publications

Brindley, S. Real Reading and Real Teenagers (in press)

Brindley, S. and Bowker, A. Ethics and School Based Practitioner Research (in press)

Brindley, S. (2010). English in England and Wales. In Wyse, D. et al, The International Handbook of English, Language and Literacy Teaching, Routledge-Taylor and Francis

Brindley, S. (2009). Reclaiming English Teaching. In Manuel et al, Re-visioning English Education: imagination, innovation, creativity. Sydney: Phoenix Press

Brindley, S. and Riga, F. (2009). Assessment and Teacher Knowledge in English Education. English in Education Vol 43 Issue 1

Brindley, S. with Hagger, H., Burn, K., Mutton, T. (2008). Practice makes perfect? Learning to learn as a teacher. Oxford Review of Education 34 (2), 159-178

Brindley, S., Greenwood, D., Adams, A. (2007). Models of Reading in the secondary classroom: literature and beyond. In Teaching Secondary English with ICT, edited by Adams, A. and Brindley, S. Open University Press