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Dr Stephen Clark

Natural Language Processing; computational linguistics; syntactic and semantic analysis; statistical machine translation
Dr Stephen Clark

Reader in Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Computational Linguistics

Syntactic and semantic analysis

Statistical machine translation

Office Phone: (+44) (0)1223 763704

Research Interests

My research area is Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. I work on a wide range of topics in Natural Language Processing, but my main research interest is syntactic and semantic analysis, with a focus on type-driven approaches (in particular Categorial Grammar) and the combination of symbolic and data-driven methods.


  • Machine translation
  • Natural Language Processing

Key Publications

Zhang Y, and Clark, S., (2011).  Syntactic Processing using the Generalized Perceptron and Beam Search, Computational Linguistics, 37(1), pp.105-151

Coecke, B., Sadrzadeh, M. and Clark, S. (2011). Mathematical Foundations for a Compositional Distributional Model of Meaning.
Linguistic Analysis, 36(1-4): A Festschrift for Joachim Lambek, pp. 345-384, van Bentham and Moortgat (eds)

Clark, S. (2010). Statistical Parsing. In the Handbook of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, pp.333-363, Clark, Fox and Lappin (eds). Oxford, Blackwell

Clark, S. and Curran J. R., (2007). Wide-Coverage Efficient Statistical Parsing with CCG and Log-Linear Models, Computational Linguistics, 33(4), pp.493-552

Clark, S. and Weir, D. (2002). Class-Based Probability Estimation using a Semantic Hierarchy, Computational Linguistics, 28(2), pp.187-206