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Valentina Colasanti

Comparative Romance linguistics; Italo-Romance linguistics; syntax; morphology; historical linguistics
Valentina Colasanti

PhD Student in (Italo-)Romance linguistics


Comparative Romance linguistics

Italo-Romance linguistics



Historical linguistics

Departments and Institutes

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics:
PhD Student & Supervisor

Research Interests

My main research interests include comparative diachronic and synchronic morphosyntax of the Romance languages (especially Italo-Romance varieties), syntactic theory and historical linguistics. I am working on topics such as diachronic and synchronic complementation, complementizer systems, auxiliary selection and split intransitivity, past participle agreement, word order, interrogative force, modality, factivity, differential object marking and parametric variation.


  • Dialectology
  • Syntax
  • Language change
  • Historical linguistics
  • Morphology
  • Italian