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I have a BA (Hons) in linguistics from Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge, and an MPhil in linguistics by Thesis from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. I am now a PhD student at the University of Toronto, Department of Linguistics. I am mostly interested in anthropological linguistics / linguistic anthropology, morphology, and language revitalization, especially with respect to endangered North American Indian languages, such as the Northern Iroquoian variety Mohawk on which I have been working for several years.


Anthropological linguistics / linguistic anthropology

Language endangerment and revitalisation

Kanyen'kéha (Mohawk) and other related Northern Iroquoian languages

Morphology, especially polysynthetic languages

Linguistic theory


Key publications: 


Vaux, B., Paparounas, L., & Renard, M. Aspiration in English. In Progress.

Vaux, B., & Renard, M. On the Interactions of Epenthesis and Voicing Assimilation. In Progress.

Renard, M. Reconsidering the Language-Culture Nexus: New Emic Insights from Kanyen’kéha Speakers. Cambridge University: MPhil Thesis. Unsubmitted.

Renard, M. 2021. Revitalizing Kanyen’kéha as a Second Language: Motivations, Challenges, and Strategies. Cambridge University: Undergraduate Dissertation. Forthcoming in Journal of the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain.

Renard, M. 2021. Making the Implicit Explicit: Language as Nature, Culture, and Structure. Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics 13, 185-196.

Other Professional Activities

Committee member of the Cambridge Endangered Languages and Cultures Group (CELC), University of Cambridge (UK), 2017-2021: organisation of conferences.

Voluntary internship at the Onkwawén:na Kentyóhkwa Mohawk language (Kanyen’kéha) Revitalisation School, Six Nations Reserve, Ontario (CANADA), 2019: creation of verb charts and quizzes for the online immersion programme, data collection for my undergraduate dissertation.

Voluntary internship at the Onkwawén:na Kentyóhkwa Mohawk language (Kanyen’kéha) Revitalisation School, Six Nations Reserve, Ontario (CANADA), 2018: creation of indexes for Mohawk-English dictionaries, fabrication of a memory board game to teach Mohawk pronominal prefixes.

Committee member of the Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society (CUSAS), University of Cambridge (UK), 2017-2018: organisation of screening events.

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