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Language Scientists are invited to submit an abstract for the Graduate and Postdoc Workshop on Biscriptality, which will take place 11-12 May 2020 in Cambridge. 

Based on the groundbreaking collection of papers on Biscriptality edited by Bunčić, Lippert and Rabus (2016), this proposed interdisciplinary workshop will explore case studies where two or more writing systems are used simultaneously in one and the same text. We would like to invite postdocs and graduate students at the University of Cambridge to submit abstracts, presenting case studies from their work where it relates to biscriptality in all of its forms. The workshop will feature a keynote by Prof. Daniel Bunčić and a workshop dinner on 11 May, with papers presented on 12 May 2020.

Papers should discuss the function and use of different alphabets, writing systems or even graphic styles in manuscripts or printed texts, focussing on:

  • Variations between main text and marginal writing
  • Usage of a different forms of writing to signify single words or phrases within a text
  • Expression of textual hierarchies through different writing systems
  • Sociolinguistic issues, such as education or scribal practice
  • Religious dimensions, such as preferred choice of an alphabet or graphic style to demarcate religious identity
  • Aesthetic concerns

Please submit an abstract by 30 November to Dr Ben Outhwaite and Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner



Saturday, 30 November, 2019 - 17:00

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