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Who can join the Directory?

  • Researchers at the University of Cambridge
  • Researchers at University of Cambridge affiliated organisations such as the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit and Cambridge Assessment

 To be included in the Directory you need either CRS ID (Raven identification), e.g., or Shibboleth authentication via your organisation.

When you complete and submit this form, a basic profile will be created for you. Once this is done, you become a site member and will be able to edit and update your own profile, adding more detail on research interests and publications, or uploading a photo if you wish.

Note: To join the language sciences mailing list you need to sign up separately via the link on the homepage (next to the photo of coloured pens). 

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Please select one of the following classifications.

Areas of interest
Provide a summary of your main areas of interest in list form, e.g. Judeo-Arabic texts, or Statistical modelling for speech and language processing.

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Research themes
Select the keyword(s) from the list which best describe your research. If there isn't a suitable term already in the list, you can suggest additions.

Cambridge Language Sciences is a virtual centre for language researchers at the University of Cambridge. 

Our mission is

  • to connect a diverse research community
  • to create increased opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • to advance knowledge through the cross-fertilisation of ideas
  • to develop external partnerships
  • to equip the next generation of researchers with the knowledge, experience and skills for interdisciplinary research.

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