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Name Email address Areas of Interest
Professor Arif Ahmed Philosophy of language, Decision theory
Dr Dora Alexopoulou Second language learning, Linguistic Theory, Syntax (theoretical and experimental), Learner Corpora, Linguistic Complexity
James Algie Language acquisition, Bilingualism, Psycholinguistics, Corpus linguistics
Ibtehaj Alrushoud Second language acquisition, Psycholinguistics
Dr Øistein E. Andersen Error detection and correction in non-native English text
Richard Armstrong-Wood Programming
Professor John Aston Statistical phonetics, Spoken language evolution, Functional data analysis for linguistics
Professor Wendy Ayres - Bennett History of linguistic thought in France, History of the French language, Socio-historical linguistics, Language policy and planning, Multilingualism
Julian Bailey ​​​​​​​Language Teacher Education
Dr Simon Baker Natural language processing, Biomedical text, Lexical acquisition
Linda Bakkouche Phonetics, Auditory processing, Neural mechanism of temporally-selective attention in speech perception, Individual differences in second language (L2) speech learning, Cognitive processes underlying L2 performance and development, Role of implicit learning in L2 phonology acquisition, Effect of implicit and explicit training on improvement of segmental and prosodic L2 speech proficiency
Dr Anusha Balasubramanian Exploring the interplay of cognitive-linguistic abilities in bi-literate bilingual children, adults and neurologically impaired population. , Current research focusing on understanding the interplay of literacy, mathematics and cognitive skills in bilingual children from disadvantaged contexts in India.
Melanie Bell The mental lexicon, Statistical modelling for speech and language processing
Dr Luca Benedetto Automated evaluation of content for language learners, Modelling of language learners, Natural Language Understanding
Dr Marie-Françoise Besnier The transliteration and translation of texts of the omen corpus, Akkadian
Dr Theresa Biberauer Theoretical, comparative and historical syntax
Professor Johan Bolhuis Behavioural, neural and cognitive mechanisms of language, learning, memory and development, In particular, the neural mechanisms of birdsong memory, and the neurocognitive parallels between birdsong, speech and language, The relationship between evolution, cognition, and the brain
Núria Bosch Theoretical, comparative and diachronic syntax, Language acquisition, Biolinguistics
Dr Mirjana Bozic Neurobiology of language, Speech, Bilingualism
Dr Petre Breazu Generative AI, Social media discourse, Multimodal critical discourse analysis
Dr Mark Brenchley Corpora/corpus linguistics, Lexico-grammar, First language acquisition , Language testing , Linguistic theory , Second language acquisition , Syntax , Writing development
Professor Ted Briscoe Computational linguistics, Speech and language processing, Textual information management, Evolutionary linguistics
Chris Bryant Grammatical error detection and correction, Computer Aided Language Learning, Natural Language Processing
Dr Elizabeth Buchanan-Worster Audiovisual speech perception, Development, Reading
Natalia Budohoska World Englishes, English in post-colonial context, Multilingualism, English as a world language
Dr Shawn Michael Bullock P.Phys., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.A. History of Language Education, History of Language Policy, Plurilingual Education, Language Learning
Professor Paula Buttery Machine learning and Natural Language Processing, Intelligent tutoring and assessment systems , Computational modelling of language learners, Low resource language technology
Professor Bill Byrne Statistical modelling for speech and language processing, Statistical machine translation, Speech synthesis
Dr Andrew Caines Second language learning, First language acquisition, Speech NLP, Low resource languages, Cybersecurity
Dr Bob Carlyon Hearing, Cochlear implants, Perceptual segregation of concurrent sounds, Effects of attention in auditory perception
Dr Ángeles Carreres Translation, Language teaching and learning
Abie Chan Higher-order thinking skills, Second Language Education, Oracy, Creativity, Group Work
Dr Ya-Ning Chang Computational modelling (neural network models) of language processing, Word reading, Visual word recognition, Psycholinguistics, Semantics
Dr Kevin Yet Fong Cheung Psychometrics, Automated assessment of writing and speaking, Computer adaptive testing, Cognitive processes in writing, Identity development in writing, Plagiarism
Professor Roberto Cipolla Robotics, Realtime gesture recognition
Professor James Clackson Indo-European Comparison and Reconstruction, History of languages of Ancient Italy, History of the Greek Language, Armenian, Historical sociolinguistics
Professor Nigel Collier Computational linguistics, Machine learning, Semantics, Text/data mining, Knowledge discovery, Domain adaptation, Question answering
Professor Ann Copestake Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Semantics
Sarah Kaarina Crockford Bilingual language processing and use in autism spectrum conditions
Prof Richard Dance Old and Middle English texts, Germanic philology, Language contact (especially between early English and Old Norse), Historical lexicology and semantics, English etymology
Yoana Dancheva Codeswitching, Prosody, Language processing, Slavic linguistics
Dr Phung Dao
Daria Dashkevich Language acquisition, Typology of phonetic accent, Learning and teaching pronunciation
Dr Matt Davis Speech perception and comprehension, Spoken and written word recognition, Language learning
Christopher Davis Computational modelling of first/second language acquisition, Machine learning, Multimodal semantics
Professor Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya Multilingualism, Endangered Languages, Code-Switching
Dr Claire Dembry Corpus-building and development in relation to English Language Teaching, The development of corpus-informed pedagogic materials for English Language Teaching
Professor Margaret Deuchar FRSA Code-switching, Bilingualism, Language contact, Language variation, Corpus linguistics
Min Du Virtual learning, Online learning, Course design, EFL assessment, Second language education
Dr Jacob Dunn Primate Communication, Vocal production, Evolution of speech, Vocal allometry
Prof Michelle Ellefson Development of language from a cognitive science perspective, Cognitive benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism, Cognitive processes involved in early literacy, Artificial grammar learning, Evolution of language
Dr Guy Edward Toh Emerson Computational semantics, Formal semantics, Machine learning, Philosophy of language, Morphosyntax, NLP for low-resource languages
Professor Brad Epps Spanish and Latin American literature, Catalan literature and film, Linguistic unity and diversity, Language in relation to national and regional identity
Dr Edith Esch Second language education, Bilingualism
Dr Michael Evans Second language education, Language teacher education, Language education policy, Language and identity, Multilingualism
Mariano Felice Grammatical error detection and correction in non-native English text
Dr Elena Filimonova Linguistic typology, particularly typology of personal marking and relational marking, Typological databases, Children's bi- and multilingualism involving Russian
Professor Rory Finnin Language, literature and national identity
Professor Linda Fisher Multilingualism, Multilingual identity, Creativity in language teaching, Interdisciplinary working, Language learner motivation, Teacher education, Metaphor in relation to belief formation and change, Education policy
Sheila Flanagan Phonological processing skills and reading development, Auditory Processing Disorder, Developmental Auditory Neuroscience, Psychoacoustics, Auditory Semantics
Professor Robert Foley FBA Human evolution and language, Evolutionary ecology of language and cognitive evolution, Social evolution, Human cultural diversity, Linguistic phylogeny
Ms Kathleen Foley Candidate on MSt in English Language Assessment
Dr Karen Forbes Language learning strategies, Multilingualism and identity, English as an additional language learners in UK schools, School-level language policies
Dr Peter Forster Genetics and language
Dr Zihao Fu Natural Language Processing, Text Generation, Machine Learning, Biomedical Applications
Dr Evelina Galaczi Assessment of speaking skills in language learners, Technology and language assessment
Professor Mark Gales Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, Robust speaker recognition, Speaker adaptation, Machine learning, Speaker identification and verification
Aurora Gao Language policy and migration, Multilingualism and cognitive development, Language learning motivation, Language learning strategies and cross-linguistic transfer
Professor Susan Gathercole FBA Cognitive processes relating to language, Developmental disorders, Reading difficulties in children
Dr Ardeshir Geranpayeh Psychometrics, Automated assessment of writing and speaking, Multilevel Testing, Cheating detection, Cyber Security, Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), Learning Oriented Assessment (LOA)
Dr Mahbod Ghaffari Persian language, literature and culture, Iranian studies, Middle Eastern studies, Linguistics
Aretousa Giannakou Linguistics, Heritage speakers, Syntax, Morphosyntactic change
Professor Jenny Gibson Social impact and cognitive underpinnings of specific language impairments, Pragmatic language impairments and autism, Development of non-literal language comprehension and pragmatic language development
Olivia Goodman Corpus linguistics, Functional language, Learner English, Application of research to inform ELT materials development
Jonathan R. Goodman
Dr Mina Gorji The relationship between literary and spoken language
Professor Usha Goswami FBA Dyslexia, Reading and spelling development, Cognitive development, Neuroscience in education, Reasoning by analogy
Hilary J. Goy Latin, Classical Greek
Dr Calbert Graham Phonetic theory, Sound change and language evolution, Machine learning, Tone and pitch accent systems, Language acquisition, Creole, Romance, Japanese phonology, Language technology
Kim Groothuis Comparative syntax, Diachronic syntax, Italian dialectology, Romance philology, Historical linguistics
Dr Kshipra Gurunandan Language learning in adults
Dr Kane Hafissatou Multilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, Linguistics
Nina Haket Conceptual Engineering, Semantics/Pragmatics, Language change
Jessica Hampton Sociolinguistics, Ecological linguistics, Language attitudes, Minoritised languages, Language identity, Ecological issues, Public policy
Chunxiao Han Second language acquisition , Pragmatics, Social network analysis
Dr Olaf Hauk Visual word recognition, Neuroimaging of language, Reading
Prof Henriëtte Hendriks The interaction between language acquisition and cognition
Dr Roxana Herescu The role of thinking skills in language learning, Cognitive and linguistic development in bilingual education
Mandy Hill Director of Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press
Professor Richard Holton Philosophy of language
Dr Alpo Honkapohja Digital Humanities , Abbreviations
Songbo Hu Dialogue Systems, Conversational AI
Tiancheng Hu Natural Language Processing , Computational Social Science, Computational Journalism, Human-Computer Interaction
Professor Claire Hughes Theory of mind and executive function in children
Professor Caroline Humphrey FBA Cross-language encounters, such as communication between Chinese and Russian traders
Dr Adil Ishag Psycholinguistics , Second Language Acquisition , Language and Cognition , Bilingualism
Dr Ahmed Izzidien BEng(Hons) MA MSc MPhil(Cantab) Artificial intelligence in the legal domain, Machine learning for legal analysis, Legal philosophy and its operationalization in the digital domain, Mapping schemata through an analysis of word usage (co-occurrence) , Using analytical jurisprudence to train machine learning algorithms
Professor Kasia M. Jaszczolt Semantics and pragmatics, Philosophy of language, Propositional attitude reports and belief ascription, Representation of time, Semantic ambiguity and underspecification
Jenny Jiang Corpus Linguistics, Data-Driven Learning, English for Academic Purposes, Vocabulary acquisition
Can Jin Sociocultural Theory of Learning and Second Language Acquisition (SLA);, (Computerised) Dynamic Assessment in Second Language Development;, (Intelligent) Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Dr Napat Jitpaisarnwattana Computer-assisted Language Learning, Learning analytics, Educational data mining, MOOCs
Professor Mari Jones FLSW Language variation and change, Language contact, Language death, Language revitalization, Dialectology, Language policy and planning
Osman Irfan Kadan English Language Assessment
Dr Eivind Kahrs Sanskrit linguistics and philosophy of language, Pali, Prakrit
Melek Karadag Language Comprehension, Morphological processing, Speech perception, Orthographic processing
Georgi Karadzhov Natural language processing, Dialogue systems
Dimitrios Kastanas
Professor Napoleon Katsos Semantics and pragmatics, Multilingualism and neuro-diversity, Language acquisition, Language processing, _
Dr Saussan Khalil Arabic language, Linguistics , Sociolinguistics , Computational linguistics , Lexicography , Teaching, Second language acquisition , Natural language processing, Community languages
Professor Geoffrey Khan Semitic philological and linguistic studies, particularly of Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic
Mia Kim Bilingualism, Language learning, Language and thought
Haeng-A Kim Corpus Analysis of Target Language Use Domain for Content Validity in Academic Reading Comprehension Test
Yoohee Kim English language testing/assessment
Dr Kate Knill Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, Multi-language/multilingual speech recognition and speech synthesis, Limited resource and language independent speech technology, Language learning and assessment, Assistive speech technology
Prof Aaron Koller Historical linguistics, History of writing, Semitic languages, Language contact
Professor Anna Korhonen Computational approaches to lexicon, syntax, semantics and discourse, Lexical and domain adaptation, Unsupervised and lightly supervised approaches to NLP, Scientific text processing and text mining, NLP for biomedicine, NLP for real-world applications, Computational models of human language learning
Professor Zoe Kourtzi Learning and brain plasticity, Cognitive ageing, Adaptive behaviours across the lifespan
Dr Julia Krivoruchko Greek, Lexicography, Etymology, Reading, Multilingualism
Professor Matt Lambon Ralph Memory and language, Language disorders
Tim Laméris L2 acquisition of speech, Lexical tone , Influence of linguistic and non-linguistic factors in L2 speech acquisition, Japanese
Emily Lau statistical speech , synthesis methods , speech processing
Dr Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga Semantics, Pragmatics, Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics, Language acquisition, Philosophy of language
Professor Adam Ledgeway Romance languages and linguistics, (Morpho)Syntactic Theory, Italian linguistics and dialectology, Historical syntax, Morphology
Daniel D. Lee Voice spoofing and deepfake speech detection, Forensic speech science, Voice biometrics , Voice quality
Dr Seul Bi Lee Bilingualism related to Korean, Korean linguistics, Korean corpus analysis, Appraisal Theory, Genre analysis
Dr Victoria Leong Speech rhythm and temporal patterns of slow amplitude modulation in the speech envelope
Ms. Xiangning Li Education Technology , Gamification
Keith Liang Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience , Language Disorders, Language Development, Hearing, Reading Development
Joyce Dong Ok Lim Second language acquisition, Computer-assisted language learning, Corpus linguistics, L2 vocabulary acquisition, L2 writing
Prof Yongcan Liu Language-in-education policy, Sociocultural theory of learning and SLA, Multilingualism in schools and communities, Community/heritage language acquisition and education, Second language teacher development
Dr Alex Loktionov Ancient Egyptian language with a particular interest in legal texts, Transmission of intellectual culture and legal ideas between Egypt and the Akkadian-speaking world
Xinbing Luo Psycholinguistics, Phonetics, Implicit learning , Connectionist modelling
Dr Bingjiang Lyu Incremental speech processing, Neurolinguistics, Computational linguistics
Xusong Ma Comparative Syntax, Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Langauge and Cognition
Dr Lucy MacGregor Spoken language comprehension, Semantic ambiguity resolution, Cognitive neuroscience, Psycholinguistics
Dr Alexis MacIntyre Speech perception, Speech rhythm , Prosody
Yury Makarov phonetics/phonology interface, Iranian languages, online lexicography
Dr Jenny Mander Modern language education and teaching publications in early modern Europe, Impact of technology on linguistic diversity
Mila Marcheva Bilingualism, (First) language acquisition , Psycholinguistics, Computational modeling of linguistic phenomena
Professor William Marslen-Wilson FBA The neuroscience of language
Dr. Michele Martini Digital Humanities , Policy Analysis
Dr Oliver Mayeux Sociolinguistics, Language endangerment and revitalization, Language contact and change, New speakers of endangered languages, Corpus linguistics, Creoles and pidgins
Dr Kirsty McDougall Phonetic theory, Speaker characteristics, Forensic applications of phonetics
Dr Simon McKnight
Dr Marieke Meelen Tibetan, Celtic, Endangered Languages, NLP, Language Change
Dr Torsten Meißner Reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European parent language, Historical bilingualism and multilingualism
Dr Zrinka Mendas online teaching, sign language, medical professionals, communication, deafness
Professor David Menon Cognitive impairment, Traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease
Prof Silke Mentchen Ab initio language teaching, Teaching of translation, Curriculum design, Use of technology in language teaching
Professor Neil Mercer Language and education
Mateus Miranda Spoken Language
Professor Marta Mirazón-Lahr Evolution of language
Professor James Montgomery Classical Arabic, Literary translation and the translation of classical Arabic poetry
Professor Brian Moore Mechanisms of normal and impaired hearing, Hearing aids, Cochlear implants
Mr Martin Moore
Javier Moreno-Rivero Translation and language policy, Sociolinguistics , Critical Discourse Analysis , Law and language , Translation Studies
Dr Sarah Morgan Using speech and language to detect and predict psychiatric disorders
Gordana Najdanovic Research Strategy Manager, Funder Relations and Knowledge Exchange
Li Nguyen Sociolinguistics, Corpus linguistics, Code-switching, Language contact, Theoretical linguistics, NLP
Professor Máire Ní Mhaonaigh Medieval Irish language, Medieval Welsh language, Celtic philology
Adam Nicholas Computational law, Core linguistic theory applied in AI/ML, Historical linguistics
Diane Nicholls Second language acquisition, Learner corpus research and development, Natural language data annotation, Automated assessment and feedback, Annotation system development
Professor Emeritus Francis Nolan Phonetic theory, Prosody, The application of phonetics in forensic science
Dr Paul M. Noorlander Linguistic typology & documentation, Areal & Historical Linguistics, West Asia, Semitic languages, Indo-Iranian languages
Dr Dennis Norris Speech recognition, Reading
Dr Giulia Occhini Multilingual NLP, Equitable NLP, Computational Social Science
Dr Hale Ögel-Balaban Language acquisition, Relationship between language and cognition, Bilingualism
Dr Sam Oliver Corpus linguistics, (Im)politeness, Pragmatics, Speech act theory, Interjections, Metaphor, English Language Teaching, Stylistics, Historical pragmatics
Professor Alex Oliver Logic, Metaphysics
Dr Ergin Opengin language description, language typology
Dr Karen Ottewell MCIL Assessment of academic English competency, The "cultural" impact on writing, Academic writing across the disciplines, Achieving clarity in writing, Academic Literacy
Dr Ben Outhwaite The vocalization and underlying pronunciation of medieval Bible manuscripts, Medieval Hebrew, Hebrew and Aramaic letters and documents as a source for the history of the medieval Middle East
Dr Hratch Papazian Ancient Egyptian language, Social and economic history of ancient Egypt, Palaeography and epigraphy
Dr Teresa Parodi Monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition, Second language acquisition by children and adults, Multilingualism, Second language acquisition and language change
Dr Carla Pastorino Campos Psycholinguistics, Second/additional language acquisition, Lexical acquisition and processing, Multilingualism, Neurolinguistics, Memory
Chloe Patman Forensic phonetics, Speech perception, Female voices
Dr Karalyn Patterson FBA Neuropsychology of language and memory, Semantics, Phonology, Focal dementia syndromes, Cross-language studies of English and Japanese
Dr Pascual Pérez-Paredes Learner language, Variation and multidimensional analysis of (specialized) language(s), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Corpora in applied linguistics, ICTs in language education
Professor Catherine Pickstock The application of linguistics to theories of religious language
Dr Kate Plaisted-Grant Auditory perception, Speech-in-noise perception, Linguistic processing
Mrs Maria Polychronidou
Professor Brechtje Post Phonology, Phonetics, Language psychology, Neurolinguistics
Victoria Poulton Phonetics, Phonology, Neuroscience of speech and language
Mr Kevin Putt Ensuring test security in remote testing/assessment, Adaptive methods in English language testing/assessment
Assoc. Professor Nebojša Radić Multi-lingual literature , Literary self-translation
Rasman Multilingual Education, Multilingual Identity, Translanguaging in Education, Second Language Education, Language-in-Education Policy, Decolonising Language Education
Professor Sumantra Ray Nutritional education, The interfaces between nutrition, cognitive flexibility and language
Olesya Razuvayevskaya Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Argument Mining
Dr Marek Rei Machine learning, Neural network models, Sequence labeling tasks, Automated assessment
Yufei Ren language characteristics in psychiatry patients, theory of mind
Professor Ian Roberts FBA Comparative and historical syntax
Professor Peter Robinson Human-computer interaction, Inference and expression of affect in non-verbal aspects of speech
Professor Pauline Rose Educational inequality: gender and poverty, International and national policies and practices for reaching the marginalised
Professor James Russell Language acquisition, Lexical development, Syntax
Professor Paul Russell Multilingualism and language contact, Medieval linguistic analysis and thought, Spelling systems, Morphology and word formation, Medieval translation
Leonardo Russo Cardona Comparative Syntax, Romance Linguistics, Historical Syntax
Dr Angeliki Salamoura Second language learning with reference to L2 English, Language assessment, Learner corpora, Bilingualism
Professor Helena Sanson History of Italian literature and culture with reference to women and gender, History of the Italian language, History of linguistic thought
Dr Nick Saville Language test development and validation- including automated systems for learning and assessment using AI, Learning Oriented Assessment - LOA, Language Policy - e.g. European policies on assessment in the context of migration, Multilingualism and Plurilingualism - new constructs for learning and assessment, Ethics and AI in language education, Understanding Assessment - "assessment literacy" in the context of language teaching and learning
Sarah Schechter Language learner motivation, Outreach for language education, Applied Linguistics
Dr Elaine Schmidt Psycholinguistics, Language acquisition, Language Processing, Phonetics and phonology, Neurolinguistics, Prosody, Sentence processing
Julia Schwarz Morphological Processing , Phonology , Psycholinguistics , Cognitive Linguistics , Language Acquisition, Language Communication and Comprehension, Natural Language Processing
Curtis Sharma BA, MPhil Bilingual Cognition, Developmental Disorders, Cognitive Neuroscience, Executive Function, Attention and Working Memory, Learning, Pragmatic Language Use
Dr Abhimanyu Sharma Sociolinguistics, Language policy, German Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Language and law
Itamar Shatz Quantitative and computational methods, Corpus linguistics, Learner corpora, Second language acquisition, Linguistic typology, Language distance
Samantha Sie Second Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, Syntax
Dr. Roberto B. Sileo Bilingualism., English language teaching and assessment., First and second language processing., Pragmatics., Semantics., Research method practice.
Jasper Hong Sim Phonological acquisition in first and second languages, Properties of and variation in child-directed speech, Bilingualism, Speech variability, Social variation in language, Language contact, dialects and ethnolinguistic repertoires
Professor Nidhi Singal Disability, poverty and development, Poverty, ethnicity and special educational needs
Professor Ioanna Sitaridou Comparative and historical syntax of the Romance languages, Greek dialectal and diachronic syntax
Jye Smallwood Syntax, Corpus Linguistics , Typology, Second Language Acquisition
Professor Janet Martin Soskice Metaphor and figurative speech in bibilical studies, Religious language and "Naming God"
Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis The neural basis of consciousness, The neural basis for poor cognitive outcome following traumatic brain injury
Dr Philippa Steele Languages of ancient Cyprus, Aegean linear scripts, Multilingualism in the ancient world, Languages of ancient Mediterranean and Near East, Ancient Greek dialectology
Dr Arlid Stenberg Text designs for the facilitation of reading, Comparisons of linguistic and musical reading strategies, Literacy acquisition and its social implications , Musical literacy
Professor Roel Sterckx FBA Classical and literary Chinese, Classical Chinese philology
Benjamin Strawbridge FRSA MCCT Science education, Oracy and dialogue, Speech, language and communication needs, Second language education, Socio-economic disadvantage
Dr Li Su Language comprehension, Imaging and computational techniques for cognitive neuroscience
Dr. Masahiro Takimoto Brain science and cognition
Professor Simone Teufel Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval
Dr Andrew Thwaites Theory of mind, Brain-imaging, Computational theory
Chara Triantafyllidou Reading comprehension , Prosodic skills and implicit prosody , Bilingualism in English as an Additional Language (EAL) , Socioeconomic status and reading abilities , Dyslexia , Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Dr Anna Tristram Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Language variation and change
Professor Ianthi Maria Tsimpli Bilingualism and multilingualism, First and second language acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Language impairment
Andromachi Tsoukala
Prof Richard E. Turner Computer perception in relation to sound, and its applications
Dr Melody Turner Applying linguistic analysis in healthcare, Language Communication and Comprehension, Language Change and Diversity, Language Learning across the Lifespan, Human Language Technologies
Professor Lorraine K. Tyler FBA The functional and neural structure of the language system, Preservation and loss of language function following stroke, Neurobiology of language and aging
Bert Vaux Phonology, Historical linguistics, Dialectology, Armenian, Abkhaz
Dr Vincenzo Vergiani Sanskrit, Classical Tamil, The history of linguistic ideas and the philosophy of language in ancient India
Dr Piers Vitebsky Ritual language, texts and performance , Indigenous languages of Siberia , Indigenous (Munda) languages of India , Greek philology , Dictionary and corpus compilation
Dr Margreet Vogelzang Speech and language processing, Syntax, semantics and pragmatics, Language acquisition and aging, Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics, Cognitive approaches to individual differences, Multilingualism
Konstantinos Voudouris Cognitive Modelling, AI Evaluation, Bias Detection, AI Safety, Computational Phonetics/Phonology
Jane Walsh Managing ongoing activities and overseeing the future development of Cambridge Language Sciences
Hsiaoching Wang Theoretical/Experimental Linguistics, Chinese Syntax, Second Language Acquisition
Xiao Wang Data-driven learning, Corpus linguistics, Second language pragmatics, Academic English
Zhilin Wang Natural Language Processing, Psycholinguistics , Personality Psychology, Human Language Technologies
Miss Shuling Wang
Dr Lina Wang statistical modelling, second language acquistion
Dr Elizabeth Warburton Aphasia
Dr Sheila Watts German and Germanic linguistics
Jodie Webber Multilingualism, Nutrition Education, Literacy, Cognition, Education Policy
Dr Daniel Weston Discourse analysis of academic admissions interviews at elite institutions, Bilingual code-switching, English dialect development, Historical sociolinguistics
Dr Emma Widdis Russian and Soviet cinema
Mandy Wigdorowitz Monolingualism, bilingualism and multilingualism, Comprehension and cognition, Language profiling, Speech and language processing, Codeswitching , Statistical analysis
Dr John Williams Second language lexical and syntactic processing, Cognitive mechanisms in second language learning
Dr Jo Willmott Mood and modality in ancient Greek
Dr Elspeth Wilson First Language Acquisition, Experimental Semantics & Pragmatics, Pragmatic development, Implicature, Bilingualism
Professor Phil Woodland Machine learning and statistical pattern recognition, Signal processing
Emily Woods Speech and Language Processing
Professor Laura Wright History of the English language, History of London English, Historical codeswitching, Lexical sociolinguistics
Travis Wright
Xinran Wu
Jocelyn Wyburd Learning environments, Curriculum design, Language learner autonomy, Use of technology to support language teaching and learning
Lini Xiao Sociolinguistics, Situated learning, Community languages and migration, Language education policy
Xie Wenhan Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism and multilingualism, Language and culture, Language and Cognition, Executive functions, Multiculturalism, Sociolinguistics, Language policy
Dr Jing Xu Technology-mediated language assessment and learning
Xin Yan SLA
Zehui Yang Second language education, Multilingual identity, Teacher identity, Distance learning, Narrative inquiry
Zihang Yang Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Language Prediction, Language Comprehension
Dr Helen Yannakoudakis Automated assessment
Professor Steve Young Spoken dialogue systems, Speech recognition and synthesis, Human-computer interaction
Professor Boping Yuan Developmental linguistics (syntax, semantics, interfaces), Non-native grammars, particularly second and third language acquisition of Chinese
Fei Yuan Evolution of language, Syntax
Dr Nicholas Zair Languages of Ancient Italy, Proto-Indo-European and the Indo-European Languages
Xi Zhang Relationship between speech and music in tone languages
Yunan Zhang Second language acquisition , Large language models
Xueqing Zhang
Vicky Yiran Zhao Language disorder, Social Communication Disorder, Psychosocial adversities, Literacy, Global South
Dr. Lucy (Xia) Zhao Syntax
Tianyi Zheng Language and literacy development in China's ethnic minority children, Pedagogical translanguaging, Vocabulary acquisition, Multilingual education
Yuchen Zong Language learning strategies, Positive psychology in second language acquisition