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My main areas of research are comparative and diachronic syntax of the Romance languages and also dialectal Greek, especially Pontic Greek and Cypriot Greek. The areas in which I carry out research are: the relationship between syntactic change and acquisition, language contact, micro-variation, and phylogenies.


Key publications: 
  1. Alboiu, G., Hill, V. & I. Sitaridou (to appear). ‘Discourse Driven V-to-C in Early Modern Romanian’. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

  2. Michelioudakis, D. & I. Sitaridou. (to appear). ‘Recasting the multiple-wh typology: Evidence from Pontic Greek varieties’. Lingua.

  3. Sitaridou, I. (2014). ‘Modality, antiveridicality, and complementation: The Romeyka infinitive as a negative polarity item’. Lingua. 118-146.

  4. Sitaridou, I. (2014). ‘The Romeyka Infinitive: Continuity, Contact and Change in the Hellenic varieties of Pontus’. Diachronica. 31.1.  23-73.

  5. Sitaridou, I. & M. Kaltsa (2014). ‘Contrastivity in Pontic Greek’. Lingua. 1-27.

  6. Jaspal, R. & I. Sitaridou (2013). ‘Coping With Stigmatized Linguistic Identities: Identity and Ethnolinguistic Vitality Among Andalusians.’ Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 13:2. 95-119.

  7. Sitaridou, I. (2012). ‘A comparative study of word order in Old Romance’. Folia Linguistica, 46/2, “The pace of Grammaticalisation in Romance”, (guest eds.) A. Carlier, B. Lamiroy & W. De Mulder). 553-604.

  8. Sitaridou, I. (2011). ‘Word order and information structure in Old Spanish’. Catalan Journal of Linguistics, Special issue on ‘Word Order and Information Structure’, (eds.) M. Battlori & M.-L. Hernanz. 159-184.

  9. Sitaridou, Ioanna. (2009). ‘On the emergence of personal infinitives in the history of Spanish’. Diachronica 26:1. 36-64

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Professor of Spanish and Historical Linguistics
Co-Director for the Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies
Fellow, Director of Studies in Modern & Medieval Languages & Linguistics (1B, YA) and Tutor, Queens' College
Dr Ioanna  Sitaridou