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Getting funding

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How to find funding

Research Professional is a searchable online database which provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on funding opportunities, pre-screened for the eligibility of UK applicants and institutions. It is very easy to create customised searches, and to set up weekly email alerts to receive news of new calls. Research Professional is free to anyone with a address, and people accessing the site from within the University are logged in automatically (if 'University of Cambridge' appears at the the top right of your screen next to the log in button it means that you are already logged in and can start searching). User guides, search tips and other help is provided on the University's Research Information site (click on the link at the start of this paragraph).

A selection of current research grants, fellowships, networks and awards is updated weekly for the language sciences website, access via the left-hand navigation tab on this page.

On the right are links to the websites of some key sources of funding.

Help and advice with funding bids

Staff in the Research Operations Office provide help and advice with funding bids, and support in coordinating large funding applications. Contact them at an early stage if you are planning to apply for external funding. The Office is organised by School, and the roles and contact details of the staff for each School are on the Research Operations website.

Cambridge in America works with philanthropic donors in the US. If seeking funding in the US it's important to communicate this to Cambridge in America, who, in addition to providing help in sourcing funding also offers advice on dealing with the very stringent reporting requirements once funding is in place.

A list of University of Cambridge members who are on the committees of funding agencies can be found here.