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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Methodology workshop

Interdisciplinary workshops and networking events for doctoral students

Information about events specifically for doctoral students are posted on the language sciences website and sent out via our mailing list (to sign up for this, click on the link on the home page).

Language Sciences Training

MPhil students in Cambridge have the opportunity to undertake interdisciplinary training in language sciences across different departments. There are several routes for doing so, such as carrying out a research project jointly supervised by specialists from different departments, or attending lectures from other courses. There may also be the option to take courses for credit, but this depends on the regulations of the MPhil course you are registered with.

CamLangSci student blog

A blog on topics in the language sciences written by a team of graduates at the University of Cambridge. The original writing writing team has now disbanded, but we're keen to hear from groups who are interested in continuing the blog.


What we do

Cambridge Language Sciences is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. Our virtual network connects researchers from five schools across the university as well as other world-leading research institutions. Our aim is to strengthen research collaborations and knowledge transfer across disciplines in order to address large-scale multi-disciplinary research challenges relating to language research.