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The Language Sciences Incubator Fund is a small projects fund to foster innovative and interdisciplinary research in the language sciences. 

The Incubator Fund was established by Cambridge Language Sciences with additional funding from the Isaac Newton Trust, Cambridge University Press & Assessment and the School of Technology, and is a small grants fund designed to foster innovative interdisciplinary research in the language sciences. 

As well as the opportunity to develop new ideas, collaborations and approaches, Incubator Fund projects can provide proof of concept or evidence of collaboration for larger grant applications. Other positive outcomes include knowledge exchange studentships, publications, fellowships and further career opportunities for researchers involved.

Since the Incubator Fund was established in 2016, over £103,000 of seed funding has been awarded across 39 projects.

Incubator Fund projects

Eligibility & funding criteria

The next call is due to open Autumn 2022.


Since the Incubator Fund grant, we've been contacted by the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales to collaborate on a related project using the techniques we've developed

Dr David Willis, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics ("Towards a parsed corpus of historical Welsh", 2016-17 award)


Preliminary data are novel and very promising, showing that bilingualism modulates the neural mechanisms for selective attention. […] The first manuscript based on this data set is currently under review and the second one is in preparation.

Dr Mirjana Bozic, Dept. of Psychology ("Neural correlates of selective attention in bilingualism", 2016-17 award)


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Isaac Newton Trust, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge University School of Technology and Cambridge English Assessment in supporting this programme.