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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Read more at: Xiyuan Li

Xiyuan Li



Tone and tone sandhi

Read more at: Martin Renard

Martin Renard

Anthropological linguistics / linguistic anthropology;

Language endangerment and revitalisation;

Kanyen'kéha (Mohawk) and other related Northern Iroquoian languages;

Morphology, especially polysynthetic languages;

Linguistic theory

Read more at: Daria Dashkevich

Daria Dashkevich

Language acquisition; Typology of phonetic accent; Learning and teaching pronunciation

Read more at: Dr Simon Pickl

Dr Simon Pickl

German language history; language variation and change; historical sociolinguistics; dialectology and geolinguistics; written language

Read more at: Dr Ángeles Carreres

Dr Ángeles Carreres

Translation; language teaching and learning

Read more at: Albert Ventayol-Boada

Albert Ventayol-Boada

Cognitive linguistics;
construction grammar;
endangered languages and language documentation;
linguistic diversity and multilingualism;
Catalan, Welsh, and Slavonic languages

Read more at: Kim Groothuis

Kim Groothuis

Comparative syntax; diachronic syntax; Italian dialectology; Romance philology; historical linguistics

Read more at: Dr Oliver Mayeux

Dr Oliver Mayeux

Language endangerment and revitalization; language contact and change; grammatical change in endangered and revitalized languages; new speakers of endangered languages; corpus linguistics

Read more at: Dr Norma Schifano

Dr Norma Schifano

Historical and synchronic comparative Romance and Greek linguistics;
language contact;

Read more at: Professor Dominic Keown

Professor Dominic Keown

Catalan-speaking areas;
languages and cultures of contemporary Spain

What we do

Cambridge Language Sciences is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. Our virtual network connects researchers from five schools across the university as well as other world-leading research institutions. Our aim is to strengthen research collaborations and knowledge transfer across disciplines in order to address large-scale multi-disciplinary research challenges relating to language research.