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I am interested in how children perceive spoken language and how this relates to language and literacy development. I completed my PhD at UCL in 2019, supervised by Professor Mairéad MacSweeney and Professor Charles Hulme. My PhD research focussed on the relationship between visual speech perception, phonological awareness and reading in deaf and hearing children. I use techniques such as eyetracking, structural equation modelling and training studies.

I am currently working with Dr Matt Davis on speech perception and language development in children.



I am interested in speech perception in children and how this relates to their reading and language development, in particular for children with reduced access to auditory information, or with phonological difficulties. My interests also include the role of visual speech information in spoken language development.

As a member of the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit Brain Bus team I also enjoy working on interactive neuroscience activities for children.


Key publications: 

Schwarz, J., Li, K. K., Sim, J. H., Zhang, Y., Buchanan-Worster., E, Post, B., Gibson., J. L., McDougall, K. (2022). Semantic cues modulate children’s and adults’ processing of audio-visual face mask speech. Frontiers in psychology.

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Buchanan-Worster, E., Hulme, C., Dennan, R., & MacSweeney, M. (2021). Speechreading in hearing children can be improved by training. Developmental Science.  - Video abstract (

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