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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

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Name Email address Areas of interest
Dr Andrew Caines Second language learning; first language acquisition; speech; corpus linguistics; language evolution
Dr Bob Carlyon Hearing; cochlear implants; perceptual segregation of concurrent sounds; effects of attention in auditory perception
Dr √Āngeles Carreres Translation; language teaching and learning
Helena Cassio Fernandes CLIL; Bilingual Education; Sociolinguistics; Language Development
Abie Chan Higher-order thinking skills; Second Language Education; Oracy; Creativity; Group work
Dr Ya-Ning Chang Computational modelling (neural network models) of language processing, word reading, visual word recognition, Psycholinguistics, Semantics
Dr Chih-Chun Chen Statistical modelling of language and language processing, in particular for second language learners
Dr Xiaobin Chen Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning, Second Language Acquisition, Computational Linguistics
Rodanthi Christofaki Philosophy of language; semantics; pragmatics; cognitive linguistics; Japanese
Dr Luca Cilibrasi Morphology and syntax; bilingualism; dyslexia
Professor Roberto Cipolla Robotics; realtime gesture recognition
Professor James Clackson Indo-European comparison and reconstruction; history of languages of Ancient Italy; history of the Greek language; Armenian; historical sociolinguistics
Valentina Colasanti Comparative Romance linguistics; Italo-Romance linguistics; syntax; morphology; historical linguistics
Dr Nigel Collier Computational linguistics; machine learning; semantics; text/data mining; knowledge discovery; domain adaptation; question answering
Professor Ann Copestake Natural Language Processing; computational linguistics; semantics
Gamal Crichton Natural Language Processing; machine learning; literature-based discovery; neural networks
Sarah Kaarina Crockford Bilingual language processing and use in autism spectrum conditions
Professor Ian Cross Parallels and differences between music and language in cognition; experimental study of music as communicative interaction; rhythm in music and language
Dr Graham Cunningham The linguistic history of the ancient Middle East; Akkadian; Sumerian