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Name Email address Areas of Interest
Julian Bailey ​​​​​​​Language Teacher Education
Dr Simon Baker Natural language processing, Biomedical text, Lexical acquisition
Linda Bakkouche Phonetics, Auditory processing, Neural mechanism of temporally-selective attention in speech perception, Individual differences in second language (L2) speech learning, Cognitive processes underlying L2 performance and development, Role of implicit learning in L2 phonology acquisition, Effect of implicit and explicit training on improvement of segmental and prosodic L2 speech proficiency
Dr Anusha Balasubramanian Exploring the interplay of cognitive-linguistic abilities in bi-literate bilingual children, adults and neurologically impaired population. , Current research focusing on understanding the interplay of literacy, mathematics and cognitive skills in bilingual children from disadvantaged contexts in India.
Melanie Bell The mental lexicon, Statistical modelling for speech and language processing
Dr Luca Benedetto Automated evaluation of content for language learners, Modelling of language learners, Natural Language Understanding
Dr Marie-Françoise Besnier The transliteration and translation of texts of the omen corpus, Akkadian
Dr Theresa Biberauer Theoretical, comparative and historical syntax
Professor Johan Bolhuis Behavioural, neural and cognitive mechanisms of language, learning, memory and development, In particular, the neural mechanisms of birdsong memory, and the neurocognitive parallels between birdsong, speech and language, The relationship between evolution, cognition, and the brain
Núria Bosch Theoretical, comparative and diachronic syntax, Language acquisition, Biolinguistics
Dr Mirjana Bozic Neurobiology of language, Speech, Bilingualism
Dr Petre Breazu Generative AI, Social media discourse, Multimodal critical discourse analysis
Dr Mark Brenchley Corpora/corpus linguistics, Lexico-grammar, First language acquisition , Language testing , Linguistic theory , Second language acquisition , Syntax , Writing development
Professor Ted Briscoe Computational linguistics, Speech and language processing, Textual information management, Evolutionary linguistics
Chris Bryant Grammatical error detection and correction, Computer Aided Language Learning, Natural Language Processing
Dr Elizabeth Buchanan-Worster Audiovisual speech perception, Development, Reading
Natalia Budohoska World Englishes, English in post-colonial context, Multilingualism, English as a world language
Dr Shawn Michael Bullock P.Phys., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.A. History of Language Education, History of Language Policy, Plurilingual Education, Language Learning
Professor Paula Buttery Machine learning and Natural Language Processing, Intelligent tutoring and assessment systems , Computational modelling of language learners, Low resource language technology
Professor Bill Byrne Statistical modelling for speech and language processing, Statistical machine translation, Speech synthesis