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Name Email address Areas of interest
Dr Angeliki Salamoura Second language learning with reference to L2 English; language assessment; learner corpora; bilingualism
Dr Helena Sanson History of Italian literature and culture with reference to women and gender; history of the Italian language; history of linguistic thought
Danielle Saunders Neural machine translation; domain adaptation for natural language
Dr Biljana Savikj Second language socialisation of immigrant background children; social networks
Dr Nick Saville Language proficiency scales and descriptors in the context of assessment; learning-oriented assessment; language and migration
Sarah Schechter Language learner motivation; Outreach for language education; Applied Linguistics
Dr Norma Schifano Historical and synchronic comparative Romance and Greek linguistics; morpho-syntax; dialectology; language contact; cartography
Dr Elaine Schmidt Psycholinguistics; language acquisition; language Processing; phonetics and phonology; neurolinguistics; prosody; sentence processing
Julia Schwarz Morphological Processing; Phonology; Psycholinguistics; Cognitive Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Language Communication and Comprehension; Natural Language Processing
Dr Meredith Shafto Age-related changes in specific language abilities
Curtis Sharma BA, MPhil Bilingual cognition; developmental disorders; cognitive neuroscience; executive function; attention and working memory; pragmatic language use
Jin Shen Corpus linguistics; second language education; corrective feedback
Pu Shi Academic literacy; critical thinking and learner autonomy; cultural and ideological issues in language education; history of English language education in China
Samantha Sie Second Language Acquisition; multilingualism; syntax
Dr. Roberto B. Sileo Roberto holds a PhD in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from the University of Cambridge. As a member of the Prague and Cambridge Primus Group, Roberto is currently a research associate on the 'Core Syntax in Bilingual Children' project.  Roberto's past research focussed on the use and interpretation of descriptive and expressive language and he was also the research associate on Prof. Kasia Jaszczolt's 'Rethinking Being Gricean: New Challenges for Metapragmatics', a project funded by a Cambridge Humanities Research Grant.
Jasper Sim Hong Sociophonetics; language acquisition; bilingualism; new Englishes
Michael Simmons Potential collaborative research proposals and projects; knowledge exchange
Professor Nidhi Singal Disability, poverty and development; poverty, ethnicity and special educational needs
Dr Ioanna Sitaridou Comparative and historical syntax of the Romance languages; Greek dialectal and diachronic syntax
Dr Ediz Sohoglu Speech perception; auditory cognitive neuroscience
Professor Janet Martin Soskice Metaphor and figurative speech in bibilical studies; religious language and "Naming God"
Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis The neural basis of consciousness; the neural basis for poor cognitive outcome following traumatic brain injury
Harper Staples Multilingualism; Comparative Education; Identity
Dr Philippa Steele Languages of ancient Cyprus; Aegean linear scripts; multilingualism in the ancient world; languages of ancient Mediterranean and Near East; Ancient Greek dialectology
Professor Roel Sterckx FBA Classical and literary Chinese; classical Chinese philology
Brian Stone Editor, Humanities and Social Sciences journals
Dr Li Su Language comprehension; imaging and computational techniques for cognitive neuroscience