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Publications (from Symplectic)

Journal articles

2016 (No publication date)

  • Yuen, I., Xu, N., Schmidt, E., Holt, R. and Demuth, K., 2016 (No publication date). Children’s use of boundary related duration and F0 cues to disambiguate compounds vs. lists Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research,
  • 2015

  • Schmidt, E. and Post, B., 2015. The development of prosodic features and their contribution to rhythm production in simultaneous bilinguals. Lang Speech, v. 58
  • Conference proceedings


  • Schmidt, E., Kung, C., Post, B., Yuen, I. and Demuth, K., 2016. L1 experience shapes the perception of intonational contours Proceedings of the International Conference on Speech Prosody, v. 2016-January
  • 2015

  • Schmidt, E., Post, B., Yuen, Y., Kung, C. and Demuth, K., 2015. The effect of listener and speaker gender on the perception of rises in AusE. Proceedings of the 18th ICPhS,
  • 2012

  • Barker, F., Post, B. and Schmidt, E., 2012. Identifiying criterial aspects of pronunciation in L2 English across CEFR levels: Implications for language learning BAAL proceedings,
  • Book chapters


  • Galaczi, E., Post, B., Li, A., Barker, E. and Schmidt, E., 2016. L2 pronunciation: Distinguishing features of rhythm in learner speech at different proficiency levels
  • 2015

  • Schmidt, E. and Post, B., 2015. Language interaction in the development of speech rhythm in simultaneous bilinguals
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