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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

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Name Email address Areas of interest
Professor Matt Lambon Ralph Memory and language, and multiple disorders in these domains
Tim Laméris L2 acquisition of speech; Lexical tone; Influence of linguistic and non-linguistic factors in L2 speech acquisition; Japanese
Dr Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga Semantics; pragmatics; experimental semantics and pragmatics; language acquisition; philosophy of language
Professor Adam Ledgeway Romance languages and linguistics; (Morpho)Syntactic Theory; Italian linguistics and dialectology; historical syntax; morphology
Dr Victoria Leong Speech rhythm and temporal patterns of slow amplitude modulation in the speech envelope
Jing Li Language policy; foreign language learning; psycholinguistics
Xiyuan Li Neurolinguistics Psycholinguistics Tone and tone sandhi
Keith Liang
Joyce Dong Ok Lim Second language acquisition; computer-assisted language learning; corpus linguistics; L2 vocabulary acquisition; L2 writing; language teaching; education
Dr Gad Lim Assessment of writing and speaking
Dr Yongcan Liu Second language teacher development; sociocultural theories of learning and SLA; community/heritage/minority language acquisition and education
Dr Alex Loktionov Ancient Egyptian language with a particular interest in legal texts Transmission of intellectual culture, and especially legal ideas, between Egypt and the Akkadian-speaking world
Dr Bingjiang Lyu Incremental speech processing; neurolinguistics; cognition; computational linguistics