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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

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Name Email address Areas of Interest
Xusong Ma Comparative Syntax, Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Langauge and Cognition
Dr Lucy MacGregor Spoken language comprehension, Semantic ambiguity resolution, Cognitive neuroscience, Psycholinguistics
Dr Alexis MacIntyre Speech perception, Speech rhythm , Prosody
Yury Makarov phonetics/phonology interface, Iranian languages, online lexicography
Dr Jenny Mander Modern language education and teaching publications in early modern Europe, Impact of technology on linguistic diversity
Mila Marcheva Bilingualism, (First) language acquisition , Psycholinguistics, Computational modeling of linguistic phenomena
Professor William Marslen-Wilson FBA The neuroscience of language
Dr. Michele Martini Digital Humanities , Policy Analysis
Dr Oliver Mayeux Sociolinguistics, Language endangerment and revitalization, Language contact and change, New speakers of endangered languages, Corpus linguistics, Creoles and pidgins
Dr Kirsty McDougall Phonetic theory, Speaker characteristics, Forensic applications of phonetics
Dr Simon McKnight
Dr Marieke Meelen Tibetan, Celtic, Endangered Languages, NLP, Language Change
Dr Torsten Meißner Reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European parent language, Historical bilingualism and multilingualism
Dr Zrinka Mendas online teaching, sign language, medical professionals, communication, deafness
Professor David Menon Cognitive impairment, Traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease
Prof Silke Mentchen Ab initio language teaching, Teaching of translation, Curriculum design, Use of technology in language teaching
Professor Neil Mercer Language and education
Mateus Miranda Spoken Language
Professor Marta Mirazón-Lahr Evolution of language
Professor James Montgomery Classical Arabic, Literary translation and the translation of classical Arabic poetry
Professor Brian Moore Mechanisms of normal and impaired hearing, Hearing aids, Cochlear implants
Mr Martin Moore
Javier Moreno-Rivero Translation and language policy, Sociolinguistics , Critical Discourse Analysis , Law and language , Translation Studies
Dr Sarah Morgan Using speech and language to detect and predict psychiatric disorders