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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

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Name Email address Areas of Interest
Osman Irfan Kadan English Language Assessment
Dr Eivind Kahrs Sanskrit linguistics and philosophy of language, Pali, Prakrit
Melek Karadag Language Comprehension, Morphological processing, Speech perception, Orthographic processing
Georgi Karadzhov Natural language processing, Dialogue systems
Dimitrios Kastanas
Professor Napoleon Katsos Semantics and pragmatics, Multilingualism and neuro-diversity, Language acquisition, Language processing, _
Dr Saussan Khalil Arabic language, Linguistics , Sociolinguistics , Computational linguistics , Lexicography , Teaching, Second language acquisition , Natural language processing, Community languages
Professor Geoffrey Khan Semitic philological and linguistic studies, particularly of Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic
Yoohee Kim English language testing/assessment
Mia Kim Bilingualism, Language learning, Language and thought
Haeng-A Kim Corpus Analysis of Target Language Use Domain for Content Validity in Academic Reading Comprehension Test
Dr Kate Knill Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, Multi-language/multilingual speech recognition and speech synthesis, Limited resource and language independent speech technology, Language learning and assessment, Assistive speech technology
Prof Aaron Koller Historical linguistics, History of writing, Semitic languages, Language contact
Professor Anna Korhonen Computational approaches to lexicon, syntax, semantics and discourse, Lexical and domain adaptation, Unsupervised and lightly supervised approaches to NLP, Scientific text processing and text mining, NLP for biomedicine, NLP for real-world applications, Computational models of human language learning
Professor Zoe Kourtzi Learning and brain plasticity, Cognitive ageing, Adaptive behaviours across the lifespan
Dr Julia Krivoruchko Greek, Lexicography, Etymology, Reading, Multilingualism