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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

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Name Email address Areas of interest
Dr Eivind Kahrs Sanskrit linguistics and philosophy of language; Pali; Prakrit
Melek Karadag Language comprehension; language acquisition; morphological processing; speech perception; orthographic processing
Georgi Karadzhov Natural language processing, dialogue systems 
Dr Dimitrios Kartsaklis Computational Linguistics; Natural Language Processing; Distributional Semantics; Compositionality; Mathematics of Language; Language Communication and Comprehension; Language Change and Diversity; Language Learning across the Lifespan; Multilingualism; Cambridge English; Human Language Technologies
Professor Napoleon Katsos Semantics and pragmatics; language acquisition; language processing; language disorders; bilingualism
Professor Dominic Keown Catalan-speaking areas; languages and cultures of contemporary Spain
Dr Saussan Khalil Arabic language, linguistics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, lexicography, teaching, second language acquisition, natural language processing, community languages
Professor Geoffrey Khan Judaeo-Arabic texts
Mia Kim Bilingualism; language learning; language and thought
Professor Juhani Klemola English language and linguistics; contact linguistics; dialectology; corpus linguistics
Dr Kate Knill Speech recognition; speech synthesis; limited resource and language independent speech technology; language learning and assessment; assistive speech technology
Dr Ece Kocagoncu The neural representation of semantic knowledge
Dr Ekaterina Kochmar Natural Language Processing; computational semantics
Professor Anna Korhonen Computational approaches to lexicon, syntax, semantics and discourse; scientific text processing and text mining; NLP for biomedicine; NLP for real-world applications; computational models of human language learning
Professor Zoe Kourtzi Learning and brain plasticity; cognitive ageing; adaptive behaviours across the lifespan
Dr Julia Krivoruchko Greek Lexicography Etymology Eeading Multilingualism