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My core areas of research interest lie in addressing issues of educational inequity among marginalised groups in Southern contexts. I have worked extensively with children and young people with disabilities in South Asia and Africa. My research has focused on the experiences of children with disabilities attending a range of different educational arrangements, the quality of teaching and learning in these settings, and the impact of schooling on short and long term outcomes. Another important dimension in my work has been the development of culturally sensitive approaches in educational research. I am particularly interested in critically examining power relations in North-South research partnerships, the ethics of research dissemination, and the impact of educational research on policy making for children with disabilities.



Key publications: 

Singal, N. (2016). Schooling children with disabilities: parental perceptions and experiences. International Journal of Educational Development.

Singal, N., Salifu, E.M., Iddrisu, K., Casely- L. & Lundebye, H. (2015). The impact of education in shaping lives: reflections of young people with disabilities in Ghana. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 19 (9), 908-925.

Hammad, T. and Singal, N. (2015). Education of women with disabilities in Pakistan: enhanced agency, unfulfilled aspirations. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 19 (12).

Singal, N. and Muthukrishna, N. (2014). Education, Childhood and Disability in Countries of the South: Re-positioning the Debates: an introduction. Childhood, 21(3) 293-307.

Pant-Robinson, A. and Singal, N. (2013). Guest Editors for the Special Issue: Researching ethically across cultures: issues of knowledge, power and voice. Compare, 43 (4).

Pant-Robinson, A. and Singal, N. (2013). Research ethics in comparative and international education: reflections from anthropology and health. Compare, 43 (4), 443-463.

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Miles, S. and Singal, N. (2010). The Education for All and Inclusive Education debate: Conflict, contradiction or opportunity? International Journal of Inclusive Education, 14 (1), 1-15.

Professor of Disability and Inclusive Education
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Dr Nidhi  Singal

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