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Monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition, second language acquisition by children and adults. Experimental as well as corpus-based research, which focuses on the acquisition of morphosyntax, mainly in Romance, Germanic and Greek. Links between simultaneous and succcessive bilingualism and second language acquisition with language contact and change.


Key publications: 

Parodi, T. & N. Novaković. 2014. Feature learning in L2 acquisition: the clitic placement challenge in L2 Serbo-Croatian. In Grohmann, K. & T. Neokleous (eds.), Developments in the Acquisition of Clitics. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 249-275.                     

Neokleous, T. & T. Parodi. 2013. Clitic Placement in Early Grammars: The case of Cypriot Greek. In Lavidas, N et al (eds.), Major Trends in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: Selected Papers from the 20th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (April 1-3, 2011). London: Versita. 331-348.          

Parodi, T. 2012. Universal Grammar and second language acquisition. In Chapelle, C. (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Wiley-Blackwell.

Parodi, T. 2009. Clitic doubling and clitic-left dislocation in Spanish and Greek L2 grammars. In Snape, N., Y-K I Leung & M. Sharwood-Smith (eds.), Representational deficits in SLA. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 167-185.

Parodi, T. (1998). Der Erwerb funktionaler Kategorien im Deutschen, G. Narr, Tubingen

Publications (from Symplectic)

Book chapters


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  • Parodi, MTJ., 2009. Clitic doubling and clitic-left dislocation in Spanish and Greek L2 grammars.
  • Parodi, MTJ. and Novaković, N., 2009. What is learnable? Clitics and their features in L2 Serbo-Croatian.
  • Conference proceedings


  • Neokleous, T. and Parodi, T., 2012. The syntax of Early Cypriot Greek: Evidence from L1 acquisition of Clitics Selected Papers of the 10th International Conference of Greek Linguistics (10th ICGL),
  • Journal articles


  • Parodi, MTJ. and Vilar-Beltran, E., 2011. Interrogativas y relativas en el español infantil: un caso de opcionalidad estructural. RæL-Revista Electrónica de Lingüística Aplicada, v. 10
  • University Lecturer, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
    Dr Teresa  Parodi

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