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My research focuses on how children learn to make inferences about what people mean when they communicate, and the role that social cognition plays in that- their pragmatic development. In my PhD I concentrated on the acquisition of implicatures in young children. I am also interested in how this research can be applied to inference teaching in the classroom. I am involved with the Cambridge Bilingualism Network and have focussed on the interaction between multilingualism and wellbeing. 

Publications (from Symplectic)

Journal articles


  • Wilson, E., Lawrence, R. and Katsos, N., 2023. The Role of Perspective-Taking in Children’s Quantity Implicatures Language Learning and Development, v. 19
    Doi: 10.1080/15475441.2022.2050236
  • 2022

  • Wilson, E. and Katsos, N., 2022. Pragmatic, linguistic and cognitive factors in young children's development of quantity, relevance and word learning inferences Journal of Child Language, v. 49
  • 2020 (Accepted for publication)

  • Müller, LM., Howard, K., Wilson, E., Gibson, J. and Katsos, N., 2020 (Accepted for publication). Bilingualism in the family and child well-being: A scoping review International Journal of Bilingualism,
  • Book chapters


  • Wilson, E. and Katsos, N., 2020. Acquiring implicatures
  • ESRC postdoctoral fellow
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    Dr Elspeth  Wilson

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