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Siberia and Mongolia in the Soviet and Post-Soviet periods; India, Nepal and China (Inner Mongolia and Manchuria).


Key publications: 

Alexander, C., Buchli, V. and Humphrey, C. (ed.) (2007) Urban Life in Post-Soviet Central Asia. London, UCL Press. This book contains a chapter by Caroline Humphrey, New Subjects and Situated Interdependence: After Privatisation in the City of Ulan-Ude, 175-207

Mandel, R. and Humphrey C. (ed.) (2002). Markets and Moralities: ethnographies of postsocialism. Oxford: Berg.

Humphrey, C. (2002). The Unmaking of Soviet Life: everyday economies after socialism. Cornell, Cornell University Press. (Heldt Prize)

Director of Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Dept. of Social Anthropology (MIASU)
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Professor Caroline  Humphrey

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