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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Areas of Interest: 
Historical linguistics


I am primarily interested in phenomena that shed light on the structure and origins of the phonological component of grammar, especially in the realms of psychophonology (language games, speech errors, acquisition of first, second, and toy languages, development of writing systems), historical linguistics (sound change, reconstruction, evolution of language, Indo-European, Altaic, and Northwest Caucasian languages), and sociolinguistics (dialectology, microvariation, and nanovariation). I also enjoy working with native speakers to document endangered languages, especially dialects of Armenian, Abkhaz, and English.


Key publications: 

Vaux, B. (forthcoming) The Armenian dialect of New Julfa, Isfahan. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Vaux, B. and Nevins, A. (2008). Rules and Constraints in Contemporary Phonological Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Vaux, B., Cooper, J. and Tucker, E. (2006). Linguistic Field Methods. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Vaux, B. (1998). The Phonology of Armenian. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Vaux, B. (1998). The Laryngeal Specifications of Fricatives. Linguistic Inquiry 29.3:497-512.