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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Areas of Interest: 
Reading and spelling development
Cognitive development
Neuroscience in education
Reasoning by analogy


Since completing my PhD on reading and spelling by analogy in 1987, my research has encompassed a number of areas including the relations between phonology and reading, rhyme and analogy in reading acquisition across languages, and rhyme processing in dyslexic and deaf children's reading. A major focus of my research has been in cross-linguistic, with projects on normative development and also cross-language studies of developmental dyslexia, focusing on the impact of deficits in auditory temporal processing on reading. I have also done fMRI studies of the neural networks underpinning reading in good and poor deaf adult readers, and EEG studies looking at acoustic processing in the dyslexic brain. Finally, I have an ongoing set of projects based around lexical statistics, investigating the impact of 'phonological neighbourhood relations' (similarity relations such as rhyme) on phonological processing in different languages.


Key publications: 

Goswami, U., Wang, H-L., Cruz, A., Fosker, T., Mead, N., & Huss, M. (2011). Language-universal sensory deficits in developmenta dyslexia: English, Spanish and Chinese. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23, 325-337.

Huss, M., Verney, J.P., Fosker, T., Mead, N. & Goswami, U. (2011). Music, rhythm, rise time perception and developmental dyslexia: Perception of musical meter predicts reading and phonology. Cortex, 47, 674-89.

Goswami, U. (2011). A temporal sampling framework for developmental dyslexia. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 15 (1), 3-10.

Leong, V., Hämäläinen, J., Soltész, F., & Goswami, U. (2011). Rise Time Perception and Detection of Syllable Stress in Adults with Developmental Dyslexia. Journal of Memory and Language, 64, 59-73.

Hämäläinen, J.A., Rupp, A., Soltész, F., Szücs, D., & Goswami, U. (2012). Reduced phase locking to slow amplitude modulation in adults with dyslexia: An MEG Study. Neuroimage, 59, 2952-61.

Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience, Department of Psychology
Director of the Centre for Neuroscience in Education
Professor Usha  Goswami


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