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Dr. Adrian Leemann

Dr. Adrian Leemann

Forensic phonetics

Dialect identification

Dialect app development

Research Interests

Adrian Leemann is a visiting researcher at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation (October 2014 - September 2016). He has a broad interest in speech communication. Over the past years he has conducted research on the production and perception of prosody, forensic phonetics, dialect identification, speaker identification, and dialect app development.


  • Phonology
  • Acoustics
  • Phonetics

Key Publications

Leemann, A., M.-J. Kolly, R. Purves, D. Britain, E. Glaser (2016). Crowdsourcing language change with smartphone applications. PLOS ONE.

Leemann, A., M.-J. Kolly (2015). Speaker-invariant suprasegmental temporal features in normal and disguised speech. Speech Communication 75, 97-122.

Leemann, A., H. Mixdorff, M. O'Reilly, M.-J. Kolly, V. Dellwo (2014). Speaker-individuality in Fujisaki model f0 features: implications for forensic voice comparison. International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law, 21.2, 343-370.

Leemann, A., M.-J. Kolly, I. Werlen, D. Britain, D. Studer-Joho (2014). The diffusion of /l/-vocalization in Swiss German. Language Variation and Change 26.2, 191-218.

Leemann, A., Kolly, M.-J., Dellwo, V. (2014). Speaker-individuality in suprasegmental temporal features: Implications for forensic voice comparison. Forensic Science International 238, 59-67.

Leemann, A. (2012). Swiss German Intonation Patterns (Studies in Language Variation 10). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 331 pp.

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Dellwo, V., A. Leemann, M.-J. Kolly (2015). The recognition of read and spontaneous speech in local vernacular: the case of Zurich German dialect. Journal of Phonetics 48, 13-28.

Dellwo, V., A. Leemann, M.-J. Kolly (2015). Rhythmic variability between speakers: Articulatory, prosodic and linguistic factors. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 137.3, 1513-1528.

Mixdorff, H., A. Leemann, V. Dellwo (2014). The influence of speaking rate on Fujisaki model parameters. EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing 33.