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Areas of Interest: 
Mechanisms of normal and impaired hearing


Mechanisms of normal hearing and hearing impairments; relationship of auditory abilities to speech perception; design of signal processing hearing aids for sensorineural hearing loss; fitting of hearing aids to suit the individual; electrical stimulation as a means of restoring hearing to the totally deaf; design and specification of high-fidelity sound-reproducing equipment; development of models of auditory perception, especially loudness perception.


Key publications: 

Moore B.C.J. (2012) An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing, Sixth Edition, Academic Press
Moore, B. C. J., Tyler, L. K., and Marslen-Wilsen, W. D. (Ed.) (2009) The Perception of Speech: from Sound to Meaning (revised and updated), Oxford university Press, Oxford
Moore, B.C.J. (2007) Cochlear Hearing Loss: Physiological, Psychological and Technical Issues Second Edition, Wiley, Chichester

Moore BCJ, Glasberg BR (2007), Modeling binaural loudnesJ Acoust Soc Am 121:1604-1612

Moore BCJ, Glasberg BR, Hopkins K (2006), Frequency discrimination of complex tones by hearing-impaired subjects: Evidence for loss of ability to use temporal fine structure information Hear Res 222:16-27

Moore BCJ, Tan CT, Zacharov N, Matilla V-V (2004), Measuring and predicting the perceived quality of music and speech subjected to combined linear and nonlinear distortion J Audio Eng Soc 52:1228-1244

Professor of Auditory Perception
Acting Head of Department of Psychology
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Professor Brian  Moore

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(+44) (0)1223 333574