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Professor James Clackson

Indo-European comparison and reconstruction; history of languages of Ancient Italy; history of the Greek language; Armenian; historical sociolinguistics
Professor James Clackson

Professor of Comparative Philology

Indo-European Comparison and Reconstruction

History of languages of Ancient Italy

History of the Greek Language


Historical sociolinguistics

Departments and Institutes

Faculty of Classics:

Research Interests

I have wide interests in the history of the Latin and Greek languages, ancient sociolinguistics and bilingualism, the languages and epigraphy of the ancient Mediterranean and comparative Indo-European studies. I have particular interests in the historical sociolinguistics of Latin; the other ancient Languages of the Italian peninsula especially Sabellian and Etruscan; and the history of the Armenian language.


  • Historical linguistics
  • Greek
  • Latin

Key Publications

Clackson, J. (ed.) (2011). The Blackwell Companion to the Latin Language. Oxford, Blackwell-Wiley

Clackson, J and Horrocks G. (2010). The Blackwell History of the Latin Language. Oxford, Blackwell-Wiley

Clackson J. (2007). Indo-European Linguistics. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

Clackson J. (1994). The Linguistic Relationship between Armenian and Greek. Cambridge, Philological Society