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Dr Li Su

Language comprehension; imaging and computational techniques for cognitive neuroscience
Dr Li Su

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry

Language comprehension

Imaging and computational techniques for cognitive neuroscience

Departments and Institutes

Dept. of Psychiatry:

Research Interests

My research interests include language comprehension, cognitive and affective control, human-computer interaction and cognitive neuropsychiatry. I develop and apply several cutting-edge technologies such as real-time functional MRI, multivariate pattern analysis for MEG/EEG, and computational modelling in systems and cognitive neuroscience.

My research interest outside language science is neuroimaging and computational modelling in dementia.


  • Cognition
  • Psychology
  • Neuroscience

Key Publications

Wingfield*, C., Su*, L., Liu, X., Zhang, C., Woodland, P., Thwaites, A., Fonteneau, E., Marslen-Wilson, W.D. (2017), “Relating Dynamic Brain States to Dynamic Machine States: Human and Machine Solutions to the Speech Recognition Problem” PloS Computational Biology (*shared 1st authors)

Su L, Zulfiqar I, Jamshed F, Fonteneau E, Marslen-Wilson W (2014), “Mapping tonotopic organization in human temporal cortex: representational similarity analysis in EMEG source space.” Front Neurosci 8:368

Bozic M, Fonteneau E, Su L, D Marslen-Wilson W (2014), “Grammatical analysis as a distributed neurobiological function.” Hum Brain Mapp

Bozic M, Tyler LK, Su L, Wingfield C, Marslen-Wilson WD (2013), “Neurobiological systems for lexical representation and analysis in English.” J Cogn Neurosci 25(10):1678-91

Su L, Fonteneau E, Marslen-Wilson W, Kriegeskorte N (2012), “Spatiotemporal Searchlight Representational Similarity Analysis in EMEG Source Space” IEEE Xplore 97-100, doi:10.1109/PRNI.2012.26