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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Organised by the Giving Voice to Digital Democracies research project

This workshop will bring together experts from politics, industry, and academia to consider the social impact of Artificially Intelligent Communications Technology (AICT). The talks and discussions will focus on different aspects of the complex relationships between language, ethics, and technology. These issues are of particular relevance in an age when we talk to Virtual Personal Assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa ever more frequently, when the automated detection of offensive language is bringing free speech and censorship into direct conflict, and when there are serious ethical concerns about the social biases present in the training data used to build influential AICT systems.


Professor Emily Bender, University of Washington

Baroness Grender MBE, House of Lords Select Committee on AI

Dr Margaret Mitchell, Google

Dr Melanie Smallman, UCL, Alan Turin Institute

Professor Jeroen van den Hoven, Delft University of Technology

Dr Adrian Weller, University of Cambridge, Alan Turing Institute, The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

The workshop is organised by the Giving Voice to Digital Democraciesresearch project, which is part of the Centre for the Humanities and Social Change, Cambridge and funded by the Humanities and Social Change International Foundation.

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Monday, 25 March, 2019 - 10:00 to 17:00
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Una Yeung
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Room SG1, Alison Richard Building

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