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Steep rise in recognition of Cambridge English exams

A record number of organisations now use Cambridge English exams as proof of English language ability. Figures show that 15,000 organisations now recognise the tests, an increase of 36% since 2011.

Organisations that rely on Cambridge English exams include companies, education institutions and immigration bodies. Recent names to join the list include the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in UAE, the Ministry of Defence in Italy, the Health Service Executive in Ireland and the Red Cross Society in China.

‘We’re seeing a huge rise in the number of the organisations relying on Cambridge English exams, which is really encouraging,’ said Nicola Johnson from Cambridge English Language Assessment. ‘If we look at the higher education sector for example, we’ve seen international student numbers triple in the last two decades. This has created a demand for high quality language testing, a trend we’re also seeing in the workplace and other sectors.’

The Cambridge English exams are developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment and are designed to test real-life communications skills in English. They are available through a worldwide network of 2,800 test centres.

Cambridge English: Advanced – a high-level English qualification – is now accepted by over 4,000 institutions worldwide as proof of the English language skills needed for study or workplace performance.

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