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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Areas of Interest: 
Beliefs about language learning
Language learning motivation
Teacher learning
Assessment, and assessment for learning
Education policy


Current research interests are in the field of modern languages education and, in particular, teacher learning and students' beliefs about language learning.


Key publications: 

Fisher, L. (forthcoming 2012). Discerning Change in Young Students’ Beliefs about their Language Learning through the use of Metaphor Elicitation in the Classroom. Research Papers in Education DOI:10.1080/02671522.2011.648654

Evans, M. and Fisher, L. (forthcoming 2012). Emergent communities of practice: secondary schools’ interaction with primary school foreign language teaching and learning. Language Learning Journal DOI:10.1080/09571736.2011.567357

Fisher, L. (2011). The impact of Specialist School status: the views of Specialist Language Colleges and other schools. Educational Review, 63, (3), 261-273

Evans, M. and Fisher, L. (2010). Translating policy into practice: the impact of the KS3 Framework for MFL on language teaching and learning in schools. Research Papers in Education, 25,(4), 479-493

Fisher, L. (2009). Trainee teachers' perceptions of the use of digital technology in the languages classroom. In Evans, M. (Ed.) (2009) Foreign Language Learning with Digital Technology. London: Continuum.

Evans, M. and Fisher, L. (2009). Language Learning at Key Stage 3: The Impact of the Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Languages Framework and changes to the curriculum on provision and practice. DCSF.

Liu, Y. and Fisher, L. (2006). The development patterns of modern foreign language student teachers' conceptions of self and their explanations about change: three cases. Teacher Development, 10, 3, 343-360

Evans, M. and Fisher, L. (2005). Measuring gains in pupils' foreign language competence as a result of participation in a school exchange visit: the case of Y9 pupils at three comprehensive schools in the UK. Language Teaching Research, 9,2 pp.173-192

Fisher, L., Evans, M. and Esch, E. (2004). Computer-Mediated Communication: promoting learner autonomy and intercultural understanding at secondary level. Language Learning Journal, Winter, 30, 50-58

Reader in Languages Education
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Dr Linda  Fisher

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(+44) (0)1223 767637