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Dr Ergin Opengin

Historical linguistics

language contact

Journal articles


  • Öpengin, E., 2023. Principles of Ritual Prayer: An 18th Century Catechism in Bahdini Kurdish Oriente Moderno, v. 103
  • 2021

  • Taheri-Ardali, M., Anonby, E., Hayes, A., Azin, Z., Ebrahimi, Z., Öpengin, E., Atabaki, NA., Stone, A., Stilo, D., Esmaeelpour, E., Amani-Babadi, M., Ourang, M., Izadi, E., Oikle, R., Bahrani, N., Borjian, H., Bahrami, A., Poshtvan, H., Piryaee, S., Pishyardehkordi, P., Sabethemmatabadi, P., Jaafari-Dehaghi, S., Doab, MJ., Jamaleddin, F., Joulaei, K., Shabaniyan, HH., Khanjani, J., Dianat, L., Rashidi, A., Borujeni, RR., Rahnema, Z., Zamani-Gandomani, Z., Schreiber, L., Sherafat, N., Sheyholislami, J., Salehi, M., Talebi-Dastenaei, M., Kasgari, AAA., Ghiasian, MS., Fattahi, M., Ghandi, S., Gheitasi-Doolabi, M., Kamali, R., Goshtasb, F., Bahmani, HM., Mohammadi, M., Moradi, R., Meshkinfam, M., Khoo, RM., Bahram, AN., Nemati, F., Nourzaei, M., Wang, E. and Hashemi-Zarajabad, H., 2021. The online atlas of the languages of Iran: Design, methodology and initial results Language Related Research, v. 12
  • 2020

  • Anonby, E., Taheri-Ardali, M., Schreiber, L., Bulut, C., Haig, G., Dehkordi, PP., Talebi-Dastenaei, M., Shahverdi, F., Zarajabad, HH., Mohammadirad, M., Jamaleddin, F., Rahnema, Z., Mohammadi, M., Izady, E., Meshkinfam, M., Öpengin, E. and Nemati, F., 2020. Turkic languages in the Atlas of the Languages of Iran (ALI) Turkic Languages, v. 24
  • 2014

  • Haig, G. and Opengin, E., 2014. Introduction to special issue kurdish: A critical research overview Kurdish Studies, v. 2
  • Öpengin, EN. and Haig, G., 2014. Regional variation in Kurmanji: A preliminary classification of dialects Kurdish Studies, v. 2
  • 2012

  • Öpengin, E., 2012. Sociolinguistic situation of Kurdish in Turkey: Sociopolitical factors and language use patterns International Journal of the Sociology of Language,
  • Book chapters


  • Öpengin, E. and Mohammadirad, M., 2022. Pronominal Clitics Across Kurdish: Areal Distribution, Structural Variation, and Diachrony
  • Matras, Y., Haig, G. and Öpengin, E., 2022. Introduction
  • Books


  • Matras, Y., Haig, G. and Öpengin, E., 2022. Structural and Typological Variation in the Dialects of Kurdish

  • Read more at: Dr. Lucy (Xia) Zhao

    Dr. Lucy (Xia) Zhao

    Language acquisition

    Book chapters

    2024 (No publication date)

  • Zhao, X., 2024 (No publication date). From “People Conquering Nature” to “Ecological Civilization”: A Corpus-based Study of the Shifts and Continuities in Climate Discourses in China
  • Journal articles

    2023 (Accepted for publication)

  • Zhao, X. and Xiliang, C., 2023 (Accepted for publication). The ba-construction in learner Chinese: a corpus analysis汉语“把”字句的中介语分析 Yuyan Kexue - Linguistic Sciences,
  • Mengyao, S., Zhao, X., Yip, V. and Ziyin, M., 2023 (Accepted for publication). Protracted development in the heritage lexicon: resultative verb compounds in school-age heritage Chinese children and their input Linguistics Approaches to Bilingualism,
  • 2023

  • Slabakova, R., Zhao, L., Baker, L., Turner, J. and Tuniyan, E., 2023. Null and overt pronoun interpretation in L2 Mandarin resultative constructions LINGUISTIC APPROACHES TO BILINGUALISM,
    Doi: 10.1075/lab.20120
  • 2022 (Accepted for publication)

  • Zhao, X. and Cui, X., 2022 (Accepted for publication). 汉语把字句的事件结构分析 An event analysis of the ba-construction 语言教学与研究 Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies,
  • 2022

  • Mai, Z., Zhao, L. and Yip, V., 2022. The Mandarin <i>ba</i>-construction in school-age heritage speakers and their parental input Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, v. 12
    Doi: 10.1075/lab.18025.mai

  • Read more at: Hsiaoching Wang

    Hsiaoching Wang

    Theoretical/Experimental Linguistics; Chinese Syntax; Second Language Acquisition

    Read more at: Fei Yuan

    Fei Yuan

    Evolution of language; Syntax

    Read more at: Dr Paul M. Noorlander

    Dr Paul M. Noorlander

    Linguistic typology & documentation; Areal & historical Linguistics; West Asia; Semitic languages; Indo-Iranian languages

    Journal articles


  • Noorlander, PM., 2023. The Neo-Aramaic Dialect Spoken by the Christians of Marga (Sirnak, Southeastern Turkey) Journal of Semitic Studies, v. 68
    Doi: 10.1093/jss/fgac025
  • 2022

  • Noorlander, PM., 2022. The Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Midyat (Midyoyo), vol 1, Texts JOURNAL OF SEMITIC STUDIES, v. 67
  • 2021

  • Noorlander, PM., 2021. Ergativity and Other Alignment Types in Neo-Aramaic: Investigating Morphosyntactic Microvariation Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics, v. 103
  • Noorlander, PM., 2021. Source constructions as a key to alignment change: The case of Aramaic Journal of Historical Linguistics, v. 11
  • 2016

  • Noorlander, P., 2016. The Problem of Classifying Ugaritic KUSATU - Kleine Untersuchungen zur Sprache des Alten Testaments und seiner Umwelt, v. 20
  • 2014 (Published online)

  • Noorlander, PM., 2014 (Published online). Diversity in convergence: Kurdish and Aramaic variation entangled Kurdish Studies, v. 1
  • 2012

  • Noorlander, P., 2012. Sam'alian in its Northwest Semitic Setting: A Historical-Comparative Approach Orientalia 81: 202 - 238,
  • Book chapters


  • Noorlander, PM. and Molin, D., 2022. 1. Introduction to a Comparative Corpus of Oral Literature
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0306.01
  • Noorlander, PM., 2022. 33. Mirza Muhammad and the Three Princesses
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0307.30
  • Khan, G., Mohammadirad, M., Molin, D. and Noorlander, PM., 2022. Preface
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0306.17
  • Noorlander, PM., 2022. 32. Mirza Muhammad and the Forty Monsters
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0307.29
  • Noorlander, PM. and Mohammadirad, M., 2022. 3. Narrative Style and Discourse in Kurdish and Neo-Aramaic Oral Literature
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0306.03
  • Noorlander, PM., 2022. Christian Aramaic Of Harmashe Text 33: §1–44
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0306.11
  • 2021

  • Noorlander, PM., 2021. Towards a Typology of Possessors and Experiencers in Neo-Aramaic
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0209.02
  • 2015

  • Noorlander, P. and Stilo, D., 2015. On the Convergence of Verbal Systems of Aramaic and its Neighbors. Part II: Past Paradigms Derived from Present Equivalents
  • Books


  • Khan, G., Mohammadirad, M., Molin, D. and Noorlander, PM., 2022. Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0306
  • Khan, G., Mohammadirad, M., Molin, D. and Noorlander, PM., 2022. Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq
    Doi: 10.11647/obp.0307
  • 2021

  • Khan, G. and Noorlander, PM., 2021. Studies in the grammar and lexicon of Neo-Aramaic
    Doi: 10.11647/OBP.0209

  • Read more at: Dr Saussan Khalil

    Dr Saussan Khalil

    Arabic language, linguistics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, lexicography, teaching, second language acquisition, natural language processing, community languages

    Read more at: Dr Mahbod Ghaffari

    Dr Mahbod Ghaffari

    Persian language, literature and culture; Iranian studies; Middle Eastern studies; linguistics



  • Ghaffari, M., Mahmmodi Bakhtiari, B. and Shahhoseini, F., 2018. Persian for Dummies

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