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Directory Members: B

Title Description
Person Dr Simon Baker Natural language processing; biomedical text; lexical acquisition
Person Dr John Bellamy Language standardization; language and identity; language ideologies
Person packed font file Professor Wendy Ayres - Bennett History of linguistic thought in France; history of the French language; socio-historical linguistics; multilingualism
Person packed font file Dr David G. Beresford-Jones Synthesis between historical linguistics and archaeology; language history of the Andean region
Person packed font file Dr Marie-Françoise Besnier The transliteration and translation of texts of the omen corpus; Akkadian
Person packed font file Dr Theresa Biberauer Theoretical, comparative and historical syntax
Person Dr Tam Blaxter Linguistic diffusion; North Germanic languages; statistical methods in linguistics; conditioning of linguistic variation; geolinguistics
Person packed font file Dr James Blevins Morphology; syntax
Person Professor Johan Bolhuis Human evolution; language acquisition; language evolution; neurolinguistics
Person AR archive Giulia Bovolenta Psycholinguistics; Second Language Acquisition; Implicit learning
Person packed font file Dr Mirjana Bozic Neurobiology of language; speech; bilingualism
Person Dr Francesca Branzi Semantic cognition, language production and comprehension, bilingualism
Person packed font file Dr Sue Brindley Secondary English; teaching and learning through digital technologies
Person packed font file Professor Ted Briscoe Computational linguistics; speech and language processing; textual information management; evolutionary linguistics
Person Troff document Chris Bryant Grammatical error detection and correction, CALL, NLP
Person AR archive Natalia Budohoska English; world Englishes; English in post-colonial context; multilingualism; English as a world language; language change and diversity
Person Dr Shawn Michael Bullock, P.Phys., F.R.G.S. History of language education; History of language policy; Plurilingual education; Language learning
Person packed font file Dr Paula Buttery The construction and evaluation of (psycho-)computational models of language acquisition; automated corpus analysis
Person packed font file Professor Bill Byrne Statistical modelling for speech and language processing; statistical machine translation; speech synthesis