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Directory Members: C

Title Description
Person NES ROM Dr Andrew Caines Second language learning; first language acquisition; speech; corpus linguistics; language evolution
Person packed font file Dr Bob Carlyon Hearing; cochlear implants; perceptual segregation of concurrent sounds; effects of attention in auditory perception
Person Dr Ángeles Carreres Translation; language teaching and learning
Person Rodanthi Christofaki Philosophy of language; semantics; pragmatics; cognitive linguistics; Japanese
Person Dr Luca Cilibrasi Morphology and syntax; bilingualism; dyslexia
Person packed font file Professor Roberto Cipolla Robotics; realtime gesture recognition
Person packed font file Professor James Clackson Indo-European comparison and reconstruction; history of languages of Ancient Italy; history of the Greek language; Armenian; historical sociolinguistics
Person Valentina Colasanti Comparative Romance linguistics; Italo-Romance linguistics; syntax; morphology; historical linguistics
Person Dr Nigel Collier Computational linguistics; machine learning; semantics; text/data mining; knowledge discovery; domain adaptation; question answering
Person packed font file Professor Ann Copestake Natural Language Processing; computational linguistics; semantics
Person text/x-nemerle Gamal Crichton Natural Language Processing; machine learning; literature-based discovery; neural networks
Person packed font file Professor Ian Cross Parallels and differences between music and language in cognition; experimental study of music as communicative interaction; rhythm in music and language
Person packed font file Dr Graham Cunningham The linguistic history of the ancient Middle East; Akkadian; Sumerian
Person Niall Curry Senior ELT Research Manager, Cambridge University Press