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Directory Members: D

Title Description
Person PS document Ruyi Dai Language acquisition and processing; contrastive study of English and Chinese
Person packed font file Dr Richard Dance Old and Middle English texts; Germanic philology; language contact; historical lexicology and semantics; English etymology
Person Christopher Davis Computational modelling of first/second language acquisition, machine learning, multimodal semantics
Person packed font file Dr Matt Davis Speech perception and comprehension; spoken and written word recognition; language learning
Person Dr Claire Dembry Corpus-building and development in relation to English Language Teaching; corpus-informed pedagogy
Person Professor Margaret Deuchar, FRSA Code-switching; bilingualism; language contact; language variation; corpus linguistics
Person Min Du Virtual learning; online learning; course design; EFL assessment; second language education
Person chemical/x-kinemage Jane Durkin Supporting interdisciplinary research in language sciences