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Title Description
Person x-conference/x-cooltalk Mariano Felice Grammatical error detection and correction in non-native English text
Person packed font file Dr Elena Filimonova Linguistic typology, particularly personal marking and relational marking; typological databases; children's bi-/multilingualism involving Russian
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Rory Finnin Language, literature and national identity
Person packed font file Dr Linda Fisher Beliefs about language learning; language learning motivation; teacher learning; assessment, and assessment for learning; education policy
Person text/x-nemerle Sheila Flanagan Phonological processing skills and reading development, auditory processing disorder, developmental auditory neuroscience, psychoacoustics, auditory semanti...
Person packed font file Professor Robert Foley, FBA Human evolution and language; evolutionary ecology of language and cognitive evolution; social evolution; human cultural diversity; linguistic phylogeny
Person packed font file Dr Elisabeth Fonteneau Psycholinguistics; morphology; MEG, EEG; syntax; semantics
Person Dr Karen Forbes Teaching and learning of Modern Foreign Languages; Language learning strategies; EAL in UK schools; Multilingualism and identity; Community language educati...
Person packed font file Dr Peter Forster Genetics and language
Person packed font file Professor Simon Franklin, FBA Russian history and culture
Person Professor Maria Freddi Corpus linguistics; quantitative research methodology; English for Academic/Specific Purposes; rhetoric of science; pedagogical grammars of English