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Directory Members: H

Title Description
Person packed font file Dr Olaf Hauk Visual word recognition; neuroimaging of language; reading
Person packed font file Professor Sarah Hawkins The acoustics and perception of speech; interactive aspects of speech and music
Person packed font file Dr Henriëtte Hendriks The interaction between language acquisition and cognition
Person application/cu-seeme Dr Roxana Herescu The role of thinking skills in language learning; cognitive and linguistic development in bilingual education
Person Mandy Hill Director of Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press
Person text/x-nemerle Professor Richard Holton Philosophy of language
Person packed font file Professor Geoff Horrocks History and structure of Greek (ancient, medieval and modern); history and structure of Latin (to the early middle ages); syntax, semantics and morphology; l...
Person Dr Stephen Howe Basic universals of human language; language change; human evolution; language and diversity
Person packed font file Professor Claire Hughes Theory of mind and executive function in children
Person packed font file Professor Caroline Humphrey, FBA Cross-language encounters, such as communication between Chinese and Russian traders