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Title Description
Person AR archive Ruijun Ma Multilingualism; bi-literacy; cognitive linguistics; language acquisition
Person Ruijun Ma
Person AR archive Xusong Ma Comparative Syntax; Second Language Acquisition; Bilingualism; Language and Cognition; Language Communication and Comprehension; Language Change and Diversity; ...
Person packed font file Dr Lucy MacGregor Spoken language comprehension; attention and memory in language comprehension
Person chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Jean Maillard Machine Learning; computational linguistics; Natural Language Processing; syntax; semantics
Person DER/PEM/Netscape-encoded X.509 certificate Dr Jenny Mander Modern language education and teaching publications in early modern Europe; impact of technology on linguistic diversity
Person packed font file Professor William Marslen-Wilson, FBA The neuroscience of language
Person Oliver Mayeux Language endangerment and revitalization; language contact and change; grammatical change in endangered and revitalized languages; new speakers of endangered...
Person D source code Mohyi Eldeen Maziad Critical Discourse Analysis; Cognitive Linguistics; Middle Eastern Studies; Arabic-English translation and interpreting
Person packed font file Dr Kirsty McDougall Phonetic theory; speaker characteristics forensic applications of phonetics
Person Dr Barbara McGillivray Computational semantics; quantitative historical linguistics; digital humanities
Person packed font file Dr Torsten Meißner Reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European parent language; historical bilingualism and multilingualism
Person packed font file Professor David Menon Cognitive impairment; traumatic brain injury; Alzheimer's disease
Person packed font file Professor Neil Mercer Language and education; oracy
Person Dr Avin Mirawdeli Automatic Speech Recognition; Stuttering research; Disfluency; Speech, Language and Communication disorders; Developmental Speech disorders; Language Communica...
Person packed font file Professor Marta Mirazón-Lahr Evolution of language
Person packed font file Professor James Montgomery Classical Arabic; literary translation and the translation of classical Arabic poetry
Person packed font file Professor Brian Moore Mechanisms of normal and impaired hearing
Person Dr Lisa-Maria Müller Bi-/multilingualism; language acquisition; (Specific) language Impairment; applied Linguistics; psycholinguistics;
Person packed font file Professor Máire Ní Mhaonaigh Medieval Irish language; medieval Welsh language; Celtic philology