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Directory Members: R

Title Description
Person packed font file Dr Billi Randall The neuroscience of language; morphology; semantics
Person Professor Sumantra Ray Nutritional education; interfaces between nutrition, cognitive flexibility and language; cognitive development; language communication and comprehension
Person AR archive Olesya Razuvayevskaya Natural Language Processing; machine learning; argument mining
Person Dr Marek Rei Machine learning; neural network models; sequence labeling tasks; automated assessment
Person packed font file Dr Kylie Richardson Case and aspect in Slavonic languages
Person packed font file Professor Ian Roberts, FBA Comparative and historical syntax
Person packed font file Professor Peter Robinson Human-computer interaction; inference and expression of affect in non-verbal aspects of speech
Person Professor Pauline Rose Educational inequality: gender and poverty; international and national policies and practices for reaching the marginalised
Person packed font file Professor James Russell Language acquisition; lexical development; syntax
Person packed font file Professor Paul Russell Multilingualism and language contact; medieval linguistic analysis and thought; spelling systems; morphology and word formation; medieval translation