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Directory Members: R

Title Description
Person packed font file Dr Billi Randall The neuroscience of language; morphology; semantics
Person Professor Sumantra Ray Nutritional education; interfaces between nutrition, cognitive flexibility and language; cognitive development; language communication and comprehension
Person AR archive Olesya Razuvayevskaya Natural Language Processing; machine learning; argument mining
Person Dr Marek Rei Machine learning; neural network models; sequence labeling tasks; automated assessment
Person packed font file Professor Ian Roberts, FBA Comparative and historical syntax
Person packed font file Professor Peter Robinson Human-computer interaction; inference and expression of affect in non-verbal aspects of speech
Person Professor Pauline Rose Educational inequality: gender and poverty; international and national policies and practices for reaching the marginalised
Person packed font file Professor James Russell Language acquisition; lexical development; syntax
Person packed font file Professor Paul Russell Multilingualism and language contact; medieval linguistic analysis and thought; spelling systems; morphology and word formation; medieval translation